**Starred this week: PostSecret in Amherst! & Etsy galore

There was so much interesting to read on the interwebs this week! First off, Post Secret is coming to Amherst! You better believe I’ll be checking back often. When the facebook event page posts, we’ll link to that as well.

  • NumberSpiral! It will break your mind. Math that complex makes me glassy-eyed!
  • NASA says: And if that calculus isn’t proof enough of the rad-ness of our universe, just think… there’s a black hole in there.
  • Rest In Peace, Bettie Page. Thanks for giving me the courage to try bangs again.
  • Save your money this holiday season– astronomers claim Jesus was born in June! A perfectly logical reason not to buy anything excessive for 12/25.
  • And since times they are a changin’, the Vatican goes solar. I love progress!
  • Ginny at Brownbird Studios does it again– this time, exquisite hand-sewn birds in vibrant colors. I want them all over my Christmas tree!
  • This guitar string barrette from Stringcycle is functional, beautiful, and completely unexpected. Feminine and edgy, love it!
  • Friends will vouch, I was bringing back ‘flapper’ before this fall, when looks from the interwar period hit runways in a huge way. This hat from Portland couturiere Liza Rietz is the perfect accent for just a hint of that charming, enchanting flapper je ne sais quoi.

There are lots of other Etsy goodies I’d like to share, but then I’d be giving away my Christmas gift ideas. Sorrrry!

So! What’s up in your world this weekend? Email me at newenglandnoir (at) gmail (dot) com, and I’ll add your event to the “This Week in the Valley” feed on the right.

Peace from the Valley!


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