Stars and Skulls in the Valley!

We just got back from the Stars and Skulls craft fair–simply amazing! I got so many amazing little items, and for low prices. (I admit, I’m making lots of presents this year. I go to this kind of thing almost as much for my own inspiration as to buy gifts.) There was a bunch of sinister camera malfunction going on, so forgive the photos for now.

These cute little boxes are made by Florence native JennyLisa, whose table also included handmade macrame jewelry, magnets, and beautiful, soft knitwear. Her color palette is spunky, but the choices go together amazingly well. I bought the three tins for $6–they will make a pretty, personal addition to the many pieces of jewelry I’ll be giving away this season.

amlmagnetsThese magnets are made by Designs by AML, owned by Ann-Marie Larson. If you’re interested in contacting her, send her an email at designsbyaml (at) hotmail (dot) com. I bought a handful of the assorted magnets above to supplement the cookie baskets we traditionally give close friends.

The Good, the Bad, & the Crafty was one of my favorite tables today. These 6 ladies are based out of the Paper City and proved once again that artistic collaborations don’t always have to go the way of Andy Warhol & Edie Sedgwick. They had an astonishing array of items, and save for all the camera issues (we ended up using A’s blackberry) I would have taken tons more pictures. They had everything from huge flower magnets (with spiffy resin centers) and off-beat Christmas ornaments (I bought one plastered in the Virgin Mary, made from a lightbulb!) to canvas bags with hand-screened images–skulls, stars, stripes, animals–more than I can remember!

Do you have any craft ideas for the holidays? Know of any amazing corners of the Valley to find indie gifts? Email me! Don’t forget, if your email makes it to the front page, I’ll send you a handmande New England Noir magnet!

Peace from the Valley!


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