a mix for monday night & some thoughts on 2009

Well, hello internet. It’s lovely to see you today. I was feeling musical this evening, so I thought I’d share part of the playlist that’s been sounding from my speakers this week:


2008 was a transitional year; a new job, a new (old!) home, and lots of notes from the universe reminding me that yes, I am indeed a real grown-up now. 2009 is sidling in closer every day, and you know what? I can’t wait! If you could design a playlist for your 2009 self, what would it look like?

Mine would have a lot more dance music, for more festive booty-shaking. I plan on inserting a lot more crazy/happy/mind-blowing/euphoric music into my life in 2009, and get moving in all senses of the word. (Hmmm, New Years Resolutions are upon us! I seem to be brainstorming.)

Tangent: In middle school, the band used to get all dressed up and truck (in a yellow schoolbus!) to go see the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall. My 8th grade year, John Williams himself (omg) conducted his hits-to-date: Everything from Close Encounters to Indiana Jones, he left out nothing. N-o-t-h-i-n-g. It’s one of my favorite memories of middle school; I’m convinced we all come out of 8th grade with a mild case of PTSD. ;) (**Note, the BSO and the Pops are 2 different acts, BSO jut does Tanglewood, which is here in WMass.)

Will you break free of your saddest playlist in 2009? Any suggestions on jump-up-and-dance music? Let’s hear it!


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2 Responses to “a mix for monday night & some thoughts on 2009”

  1. meggles Says:

    get up and go music! yes. i used M.I.A. this fall to keep the crazies away when I couldnt shut off my mind. Linds thought it was too much for her (her minds already filled with so many different subjects at once she doesnt require distractions), but I still think peeps should check out M.I.A.’s current album Kala. If you don’t like the rest of the album, you’ll probably enjoy listening to “, which has been sampled many times, most notably in the Pineapple Express trailer.

    Definitely makes you move your booty, regardless of your opinion otherwise.

  2. The 2009 post: details, details « new england noir Says:

    […] As I said before, 2008 was a transitional year. Beyond the superficial changes like location, job & apartment, 2008 also marked a slow but sure change in my overall mentality that sort of… like I’d been given a subtle kick-start by the universe. This year, my resolution is simple: be my best self. […]

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