ProblemHacking @ NEN: There’s flower enough for everyone

can't we share?

I bet there’s someone or something in your life that completely rubs you the wrong way. (I know, gross phrase–but it completely applies.)

I’m not going to rant about my peeves, not feeling particularly self-indulgent today– I’m more interested in learning how it is people cope with what gets ’em. I’m partial to lists, myself– a good deal of what irks me is superficial and easily changed– so making lists of the things I can do (and also ticking them off, one by one) packs far more of a satisfaction-punch than say… Having a whiskey might.

That said, the butterfly & bee are from my mother’s garden one day in July. The butterfly had just flown away from the flower as the bee landed. I imagined that the bee was being territorial: my mother’s garden is full of delicious bee balm. That bee had p-lenty of pollen, as is illustrated by his laden legs. As I snapped the picture, it struck me that I was experiencing one of those moments when the universe taps your shoulder: as that bee flew past me, pollen-drunk, I felt physically impacted by this natural illustration of a belief so ingrained I barely notice it anymore: these are everyone’s flowers, man! We evolve as humans and as communities simply by sharing more and taking less.

(This is really directly related to my day, but we shan’t go into it. And then, immediately after getting home, feeling bad for myself and plopping decisively down to my MSNBC, I found these this and this. It was a well-timed reminder of my purpose–I’m being winked at!)



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    […] But I have faith that I was meant to do something different, and if I am persistent in my hard work it will come to me. And my gorgeous resume doesn’t hurt either. It’s like Elizabeth […]

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