Starred this week: Food fixations, writing resources & Louis, Louis, Louis

Well, it looks as thought the Pioneer Valley is about to be visited by the snow-wielding goddess of winter–she’s dropping off over a foot of snow to keep us company for Christmas! I made the list extra-long this week so that you have something to read when you can’t open the door. <3

  • Oh, scandal, leave poor Sarah Palin alone. Or don’t, either way that family is one big mess of amusing.
  • These pictures could make any little girl want to become an astrophysicist.
  • We make these in our cookie baskets every year, but this flavor looks so decadent I may have to try something new over the old and weathered tried-and-true.
  • I lovelovelove mushroom dishes, and I lovelovelove risotto. Beatrice Peltre marries the two in this amazing dish–which I am actually afraid to prepare as I’ll never want to eat anything else again.
  • Once you’ve found some ways to keep yourself inspired this winter break, use these writers’ resources to supplement your trusted favorites & try some new things.
  • I must have these shoes.
  • This is so cool; if all the office buildings in major cities had these, can you imagine what kind of power could be generated?
  • How does your style evolve?
  • I’m not always partial to Louis Vuitton, but this collection– wow. Just wow. I can’t stop looking at it! My etsy obsessions below show how much I’ve been obsessing over it!

And now for my etsy obsessions this week!

  • Flower and feathers and this crazy cameo, painted with one of my favorite stories!
  • This gorgeous faux bois molskine notebook, for the inner artiste in me.
  • There’s something so goddess-like about this art-deco silver scarab necklace. I’d layer it with my wrapped rupee (made by me) and the silver cuckoo clock I recently re-incorporated into my wardrobe. I got it when I was 8! How fashion-forward was I? (Everyone laughed at it then, though–jokes on you!)

What’s on our list this week?


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