Ten things I’ve learned about style


10. When I decided to change the way I dressed, suddenly, being shy wasn’t such a handicap, because I could express something without having to say it aloud. Letting the world have a peep at what’s inside your head via your clothes is intriguing– it makes people want to know you, and there’s never anything wrong with meeting new people & sharing ideas.

9. Was it Coco Chanel who said, “Look in the mirror before you leave, and take one thing off,”? Well, her name isn’t still around for no reason. Mom wasn’t lying when she said less is more.

8. “Less is more” becomes more and more true as we age. I may be a cute twentysomething, but I cannot (and wouldn’t) wear many of the clothes popular with teenagers– and not just because of my job! The point in style is to be fresh, not weighted down with too much of something. Too much jewelry or makeup and over-tanning are three fashion mistakes most women will admit to.

7. Don’t experiment the night of your event/dance/party/show/recital. Try on your outfit for a friend, dye your hair the night before (& clean up your temples), and practice any new makeup techniques.

6. Don’t wax your face the day of your event/dance/party/show/recital. If you’re particularly sensitive, go for two or three days before, just to be sure.

5. Mom makes her second appearance with this gem from your teenage bathroom nightmares: YES, your eyebrows do look better if you leave them as natural as possible. Just, please, take my word for it.

4. Draw inspiration from your favorite music, artist, literary character, best friend. Who do you think is simply fascinating? What would she wear, shopping in your closet?

3. Try on lots and lots of different pairs of jeans. It’s tempting to grab the ones that *maybe* fit from the 50% rack at Gap, but if you’re like me and live in your favorite jeans you’d serve yourself better to just have patience. Your bum will thank you!

2. Keep it basic for every day. If you have lots of time to get ready in the morning, by all means make a big production of getting ready– have a ball! But if you squeeze in breakfast in the five minutes between showering and leaving for work, devise a simple routine. You can find a five-minute-face guide anywhere, but it’s your perogative, so make it yours.

and the #1 style tip is…

1. You are beautiful, you are remarkable, you are unique, you are fun, you are creative & you are divine… But you’re not perfect. Remember that, and laugh at yourself when you’re turning red– a good sense of humor and healthy self-appreciation is better for the soul than any number of amazing outfits!

Here are some style blogs I love:

What are your personal style commandments?


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2 Responses to “Ten things I’ve learned about style”

  1. Ginny Ballou Says:

    Catherine – what a great blog!!! Love the peacock feather graphic underlying the text. I’ll have to be sure Ebby reads your fashion top 10 list. She was very taken with you!! Wonderful to have you here today and again thank you for the lovely necklace. I’ll wear it often. xox Ginny

  2. Designer Handbag Says:

    You should know what the most searched and purchased handbags are and determine if they should or should not be on your list…

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