Whee, what a week!

There cannot possibly be a week in the year busier than the week of the Yuletide holidays. Today in particular was lovely, but the whole last week has been non-stop good cheer; I didn’t feel very festive until the last few days before Christmas, when the snow finally stopped (!!) and I could go & get things done!

All in all I’ve been a very bad blogger and taken practically zero pictures, so no fuzzy black snowflake-wrapped gifts with shiny red bows, and no teeming boxes of chocolate chip cookies (baked by A, styled by moi), and no obligatory Christmas tree shots. (I will say this though, I love our tree: it’s covered in white lights, silver balls, and vintage paper ornaments, including some of B. Kliban’s sweater cats!) I promise to find my camera cable, I really do!

Anyway, today I went with A’s mom & sister to his Aunt Ginny’s house out East. The house itself is like one giant art installation, from Babette the dressmaker’s mannequin (dressed to the nines!), to the garden, to the who’s who of today’s mixed media artists adorning the walls. Audrey & I agreed we want a house just like it. Jen was also there with the kids, we exchanged gifts & ate delicious food & made nine panel Christmas quilts out of wrapping paper (!). Even though my idea will end up cataloged under ‘The Dada Period,’ I had a lot of fun. There is so much talent in that family! (And just as much style.) More than that, I hadn’t done something artsy just for the fun of it in quite awhile, so it got me itching to make some new pieces to share. (See Ginny’s blog for the pictures!)

So, feeling inspired, tonight I discovered this. I’m really curious: who out there has used precious metal clay? The investment is rather shockingly less than for buying say, half round 12 gauge silver wire for rings, and 1mm sheets for creating personalized bezels, soldering materials (including gun), etc, because the starter kit comes with everything you need for a couple pieces. All those things are wonderful, but this clay seems tooooo good to be true. I’d love to try it out, so tell me:

What are your experiences with precious metal clay? Inspire me!


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