Starred this week: coffin or couch?, mix tape mixology, & Etsy, Etsy, Etsy

  • Said the Gramophone gives these great, wacky song descriptions that are 90% of the reason I download any of the songs.
  • Do we like it? We love it!
  • I got some great MP3s off this list– go fast, they don’t stay up long!
  • What’s your fashion secret? (Silver streak!)
  • I really don’t know how I feel about this idea. It’s the same creepy feeling as when Gmail targets ads based on your smail contents. Gives me an ick, really.
  • Using your kitchen steamer to hydroponically start veggie seeds? Awesome! I wonder if our bamboo steamer would work similarly– we have a perfect garden for vegetables!
  • I’d like to try this New Year’s Challenge from Leo of Zen Habits— who’s with me?
  • Everything Sophie publishes is stunning & inspiring– and you know I can’t resist Kerouac.
  • Like lots of people, A & I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button this weekend– I agree with Kate, it’s completely beautiful, through & through. The whole film just glows, and the costumes are so elegant. (I wanted to leave comments for her, but it’s not set up for Open ID. Kate, love your style!)
  • My Etsy obsessions are getting out of control! Who out there has experience with Etsy? Are the listing prices worth it? I’m curious about the bandwagon…
  • What will you be discussing over dinner this week? Stay inspired!


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    One Response to “Starred this week: coffin or couch?, mix tape mixology, & Etsy, Etsy, Etsy”

    1. Sophie Says:

      I visited a friend in Cape May last summer, when I was in New York, and experienced the same feel of “relics from a time that existed before me […] deeply enmeshed in Americana.”

      I’m Australian but grew up with American films like The Sandlot and am so enamored by American culture – I know a lot of people think the US is devoid of cultural presence – but I feel it there, and it fascinates me.

      Thank you for your reading eyes! Your site is so lovely and thought-provoking. ‘Inspirationally grown up’ (in the best way).

      What will I be discussing over dinner this week? I’m thinking of taking a small plane to an island in the Indian Ocean called Cocos, where my uncle was Headmaster of a school many years ago. I want to go for an Ian Fleming-esque writing burst amidst the coconuts.

      Enjoy wintry Americana.

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