The 2009 post: details, details

I’ve got to be honest, I never truly get down to starting my New Years resolutions until vacation is over & I’m back to my everyday routine. But for the sake of honesty, I also admit that my resolutions aren’t normally planned very well either.

As I said before, 2008 was a transitional year. Beyond the superficial changes like location, job & apartment, 2008 also marked a slow but sure change in my overall mentality that sort of… like I’d been given a subtle kick-start by the universe. This year, my resolution is simple: be my best self.

(In 2007, I felt like a mess. In hindsight, that was way internal, because I’m not. But the feeling was enough to move me to, well… move. I started reading iCiNG (& about 900 million other blogs, too) and in 2008 (via Gala) was re-introduced to myself after reading The Red Book, by Sera Beak. 2008 geared me up, 2009 already feels different. I like to think I was indulging in a post-graduation crisis that had to end before it ended me! Making positive change is empowering: I know myself better, listen to myself more, & remember to spin positive whenever possible.

It’s the simplest resolution, but it’s easy to forget our brightest potential. For me, my “best self” is organized, prepared, on time, & not harried or harassed or resentful, because I’m doing it for me and not for someone else. I suppose it’s a different way of saying, “I will prioritize myelf,” but it’s so much more than that.

So in 2009, I will do more things that I enjoy, like making jewelry (my etsy favorites will give you an idea how much!), enjoying nature & indulging in long-winded fiction. I will not fixate on things I cannot control, and I will check myself when I start worrying too much. I’ll get moving at least twice a week, and remember to treat my body well. (I foresee lots of hot baths & facials!) The ‘official resolution list’ is a bit more detailed, but I’ll spare you the OCD.

What are everyone’s experiences using the Etsy storefront? Any thoughts on a good get-up-and-go playlist for 2009??


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3 Responses to “The 2009 post: details, details”

  1. Allure Says:

    I agree with you. There’s no point in making resolutions, you have to try to better yourself every single day.

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