Things I love Thursday: Premier Edition

photo by Zephryance (via Creature Comforts)

photo by Zephryance (via Creature Comforts)

(Creature Comforts)

Because I’m an iCiNG fangirl, and because Gala Darling’s community came into my sphere at a crossroads of life & urged me beyond myself (& really ultimately brought me to this very project, New England Noir!), I have decided that NEN will be participating in the famous “Things I Love Thursday” campaign, in which we all rejoice over those things that have made us smile most this week. Without further ado, the very first New England Noir edition of Things I Love Thursday:

  • Art museums! Tomorrow evening, I’m taking A on a date to see “Movement”, the new exhibit  that opened recently at Smith College. It features 12 Korean-born artists’ work, & contributor Young Soon Min is speaking at 7:30. The museum is free, though I like to leave a small donation.
  • My morning commute: Though the temperatures hovered in the upper thirties all day, when I left for work this morning the trees dipped under the weight of yesterday’s ice. Pieces tinkled off and glittered like crystals in the road, and it was so beautiful I couldn’t even find it in me to be irritated with the horrendous glare threatening to run me off the road. (Small hyperbole. The glare wasn’t all that bad once I got over the Notch.) No matter what season, my commute is gorgeous. I cut through a mountain, past apple orchards and farms and winding roads lined with historic homes. I must be the only person on Earth who’s inspired by driving to work!
  • Google Reader. I really can’t say anything else. If you don’t use it, you should start. It’s too bad Blogger is such crap, everything else Google’s done lately has been mind-blowing. And sometimes creepy.
  • The Super-Cool Girls’ Reading Club (No Boys Allowed.) I love my friends!
  • Affirmations: In an age where a few keystrokes can make kindred spirits of perfect strangers, we’re all soul-sisters. There’s no need to float in the ether of this godly bloodstream alone.

What makes you swoon this week?
Love & a big, crisp apple,


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