Quick update: hilarity!

I’m kind of obsessive about checking my blog stats, just ’cause I like to see who comes and visits my little corner of the internets. This morning I discovered that one of the search engine terms that brought a reader here was (get this): “What do New Englanders dress like?”

That person is awesome and my new favorite reader. And I’m going to answer you: This time of year, we dress in layers. Several of them. 4-5 minimum. Have you ever been in the Berkshires in winter?! In fact, I’ve been known to wear leggings underneath dress pants to keep warm at work. (You guys remember when we were kids & the classroom was so cold the teacher would strap a bag of ice to the thermostat to trigger the heat to come on? Yeah, not a lot has changed. Except now my classroom is right next door to the band room, which is more entertaining.)

New Englanders don’t really dress terribly differently than other places I’ve been in the country. There’s a belief that all New Englanders are a) wealthy (nope) and b) stuck up (also nope), but in reality we’re no more wealthy or stuck up than other areas densely dotted with colleges & universities. I think maybe there is a bit emphasis on dressing up for work or dolling yourself up for an evening on the town (at least around here), but that’s natural in younger, more progressive areas. Once people aren’t completely covered in their ankle-length coats, elbow-length gloves, & 12-foot cowl scarves, I’ll include some pictures of local style (very different from Eastern Massachusetts, Boston & the Cape). And because Northampton just installed its very own Urban Outfitters, you know it’s is going to be better than ever.

One last thing before I run & get ready for work: if you’re viewing this page on Facebook (via the feed I set up to sync with my profile) please consider coming directly to the site & leaving some comments. Most of you are from Massachusetts so I’d love your feedback. Thanks!

Love & a big, crisp apple,



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4 Responses to “Quick update: hilarity!”

  1. RMSJr Says:

    Well, I got here via another friend’s website via a shared tag of happiness. Up here in Maine, we take casual to the extreme. I’ve seen lawyers in court, in suits, Bean boots, and a ball cap.

    Going out dress code? Never give it much thought, will generally go anywhere I want in blue jeans, boots, and a chamois shirt layered over with a fleece vest. That is to both brewpubs, bistros and bookstores.

  2. Marian Says:

    fun post honey,hope your well.have a good wknd!
    muah x

  3. Mimi Says:

    Well…it sounds a lot like Toronto….the weather is just about the same, if not colder. ( they promise -25 on wed) ughh…. everyone is walking around in parkas and UGGS … it really hurts my eyes!

  4. Marian Says:

    forgot to say like over there the weather here in England,uk demands lots of layers too.think its interesting how people search for a blog..
    hon hope you had a Lovely wknd sweetie x

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