Delight & a little black dress


This weekend I spent an afternoon with Cait, a dear friend from college. We had at least one class together per semester, and had the same favorite professor whom we followed around the department (Dr. Donald Maddox, if you’re curious), so we spent a lot of time together. Not seeing her for 2 years after graduation was awful, but we’re making up for lost time now that I’m back in the Valley. Hi Cait! Love!

Anyway, she had a date that night & an Ann Taylor gift card burning a hole in her pocket, so we decided to brave the snow (yes, again) to find her something cute. Neither of us really enjoy trying on clothes, so I’ll spare you the details. But she ended up with an absolutely gorgeous black ruffled bolero & fuchsia lace cami, the plan being to pair it with some heels (heeled boots?) & dressy jeans.

I, on the other hand, despite my resolution not to buy anything until March, used the very last of my Christmas cash on the dress pictured above: it is effing exquisite. Unfortunately, because it was only $14.99 (marked down from $89, unfortunately indeed!), I had to buy it a size too big, which is why this isn’t a 3 gig post with 845 pictures. It was the perfect dress I never even knew I needed: basic black, dressy, art-deco inspired lines & interwar elegance. And it was $14.99. Imagine, please, that dress with this hat, some delicate accessories, & a pair of striking shoes. And the perfect debut? Well, let’s just say it’s exciting. I’ll keep you posted.

Who knows of a good tailor in the Valley?

Love & a big, crisp apple,



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2 Responses to “Delight & a little black dress”

  1. sapphire jean Says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous dress! And a bargain! Look forward to seeing it on!

  2. cait Says:

    it *is*! i’m so jealous that you got it; it looks fantastic. some really pretty, big flapper beads would go great with it, too.

    i think that there is a tailor over in the shopping center in town, by the mercantile and behind the loose goose. maybe minuteman cleaners has a tailor, too?

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