Things I Love Thursday


  • Thursdays! In high school, a few of us belonged to the illustrious Thursday Club, something started by a dear & clever writer friend. It wasn’t anything special, and we didn’t do anything, but Thursday Club irritated those who considered Friday the ultimate day, and it was always hilarious to watch how upset some people got about something as trite as the best day of the week! I like Thursdays because it’s salad bar day in the cafeteria, so I don’t make myself a lunch. Even now, as a teacher, Thursday feels more like the end of the week than does Friday, for the simple fact that on Friday most of the students are already in weekend mode. (For this reason, I don’t give homework on Fridays. You wish I was your English teacher.)
  • Having an intelligent & knowledgeable mentor: All ‘new’ teachers are assigned a mentor for the year, someone whom you can ask questions of, who comes in & observes the class and can generally provide advice for all the road-bumps of figuring out a new school. Mine is particularly awesome, and always gives me ideas for being a better teacher. Hopefully he doesn’t read this and think I’m sucking up… I get observed next week.
  • Hot, hot, hot coffee. Good coffee is an art. You can argue, you can deny the deliciousness, you can turn up your nose at the very idea of imbibing ‘that sludge,’ as my friend M has called it–but any self-aware coffee connoisseur -(euse) understands that those grounds are like gold, especially at 6 am. The best is walking from the car, with your favorite tome tucked beneath your arm; fingers are freezing (it’s 17 degrees), your bag is slipping off your shoulder, threatening to spill the contents into a puddle– but when you get inside, there’s no line. And there’s a spot by the window, mysteriously drenched in sunlight despite the snow on the ground. (Anyone else think it’s only sunny by the window because you have a lovely tall coffee ready to warm you inside-out?)
  • Amazing projects popping up everywhere! That’s all I can say for now, because if things don’t work out I don’t want to feel like I let anything slip. Let’s just say there’s a couple interesting ideas you might see crop up in the future. Keep your fingers crossed!

What’s on your lovelist this week?


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2 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday”

  1. Sophie Says:


    Pages and pages of great words on second hand book-paper.

    Dry hot midday heat and vines on my balcony talking to old-friends on the telephone.

    Getting back in sync with my body: “You are what you eat” makes so much sense to me right now.

    I love hot fresh coffee too… Even when its 104 degrees down here.

    Sleeping in with my man, wrapped in his strong arms. We are like a jigsaw puzzle. Perfection in skin.

    Plus, can’t forget, I will be watching some outdoor foreign films in a cicada filled pine-forest at my old University campus. Definitely love that. :)

  2. sapphire jean Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog lovely! Nice list. What a fantastical writer you are! Mentors are the best. I don’t have one at the moment (had one at uni, he was great) but I find they really increase your productivity and motivation.

    sapphire xxx

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