What do your world-windows whisper to strangers?

red veiled girl

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What color are your eyes? Do you look people in the face, or do you demure behind your thick black lashes? Would I be able to read your thoughts, or are you one of the few able to masque your emotions & hide behind your baby blues?

I make excellent eye contact. I use my eyes to search in yours. I look for your true self, I peel away the layers of your corneal walls & search for your soul inside you. This bothers some people, like I’m prying– the keenness of someone’s stare is like the intercom in an office.

Are you in, or out to lunch?


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One Response to “What do your world-windows whisper to strangers?”

  1. me, of course Says:

    I would like to think my eyes say enough about myself. If I do not want them to speak what I am thinking, I am usually successful. They are used for great expression, but sometimes I close them off entirely. Some times I think I am forceful with my eye contact, but that’s o.k. because I’ve spent a long time feeling abused by the hard look of folks trying to intimidate me. I have a little friend with big, soft doe eyes, and of all people she says, “When you’re in the city, man, look at everybody coming at you straight-on, long and hard, and no is gonna mess with you.” I take that very seriously.

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