Sneak peek

A squat castle sat low among the desert brush, scorched and shimmering beneath the fiery Orb. Xan Solgris Lark paced at the foot of his bed, while Xana Samira scribbled furiously into an atlas-sized leather book. This morning ritual predated even the merest glimmer of the dire predicament manifesting before them, and by now the Xan’s feet had worn grooves in the mahogany floorboards between slumber and a once- magnificent view of the kingdom. Two kira birds whistled their low plea from a dying tree, distracting Solgris from his heated recount of the past night’s dreams. Sensing an exit, the Xana slammed shut the giant tome, locking it decisively with the key around her neck.

“If you please, Xan,” she demurred, casting her blue eyes downward and conducting an intense study of the grain in the wood. Dare she—yes.

Samira sidestepped, pre-empting her husband’s permission and sliding gracefully into her slippers. The Xan did not notice, or, if he did, forgave her. No matter how powerful he became the aging silver-haired Xana defied him at every turn. The crisis emboldened her and diminished him; but the Xan did not want quarrel. He wanted solutions. She slipped away, book in arms.

All of the subjects, all over his expansive kingdom, were morphing into animals: any kind, shape, size, or species imaginable. The problem remained small enough so as to be deniable for several years; Xan Solgris was on an earnest crusade to win over the lands of the other Xans, spreading his fire and brimstone with a spade and decorating the walls of fear he tore down with tiny engravings of his own intricate design. Some he won easily, while still others battled and lost. Within five years of his oath, all but the fabled Kingdom of Band had fallen. Band, the land of In-Betweens, had not been seen in the mortal world for centuries, and most assumed it had disappeared beneath the quilts of time.

And now, it seemed, Xan Solgris Lark had to go there.

Well, I know it’s just a tidbit, but tell me what’s good & what’s not. (I have over 100 pages, either all together or random scenes. It’s been 2.5 years. I need to move!)

(Content Copyright 2006-2009, everything above was written by me & if I see it elsewhere, well let’s just say it won’t be pleasant.)


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