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Things I Love Thursday

February 5, 2009


Hello, blogfriends. Long time no see.

I’m not feeling altogether like going into my prolonged & screamingly silent absence from the interwebs, but suffice it to say there was sickness. And then a little sadness (okay, much sadness), which I’m still working on not being too upset over. I’ll post a real explanation when I’m sure my irrational side (which is currently being heavyhanded with the self-punishment & guilt) won’t take over & win me Emo Blog of the Year. For now I’d like to focus on happiness– so let’s move onto Things I Love Thursday.

  • Adam. Oh, my goodness, I’d never have survived the last two weeks intact without him. Bless his supportive & patient heart. When you’re curled in the tub, weak with flu & too tired to walk back to bed… Only a man like him can make it better. What a lucky girl I am. <3
  • Freedom.
  • Choices.
  • Emily, Alicia, Megan, Amanda, Caitlin, Christine, Ted, Mom, Landis… And every other wonderful person who has been so sweet this week.

I’ve gotta be honest, the runners up this week are easy. I’ve got a home, a huge & amazing family (& extended family!), two wonderful kittens who always seem to know if you need a snuggle, my oversized down comforter to wrap up in a cocoon, coffee for the morning & something for dinner & guests.

I feel better just finally having written something! When my positivity is back 100%, I’ll post something of a bit more substance. I’ve missed you, internet! Call me!