Oh, simply tons of news… And I’ll stop being lazy, too!

Thanks to Ana & Socialite Studios for the pic

Thanks to Ana and Socialite Studios for the pic

So lots has gone on lately in the New England Noir bungalow– there’s been quite a bit of snow, mmhmm, I’m enjoying a snow day as we speak– I got laid off (in June, so I’m okay & adjusting to the idea of finding a job again in spring), and oh yeah…

I got engaged! Adam asked me on Thursday, February 19.

So, yeah, there’s been quite a bit of excitement, both of the joyous & also the not-so-joyous variety. As is the pattern with dreamy Pisceans such as myself, I got so caught up in the changes and plans that I completely neglected my routines. And paid in spades by being ill and tired for weeks on end, but all that’s melting along with the snow. Okay, so the snow is not actually melting. But it’s late winter, you get the metaphor. My health is restored, thanks to tons of water & lots of fruit and curry. My job… Yes, I’m still heartbroken at leaving my motley little crew, that’s no different. But I have faith that I was meant to do something different, and if I am persistent in my hard work it will come to me. And my gorgeous resume doesn’t hurt either. It’s like Elizabeth Gilbert said in her recent address to the TED conference in California: “Let the record show that I did my part in this divine scheme of things– I showed up for work today!” Her lecture is about the genius that lives in all of us, but it applies to doing your part to help the fates lead you to the right future. I like that.

There’s literally no plan for the wedding at the moment, because our first instinct (4th of July beach wedding) was thwarted after about thirty thousand phone calls and just as many stifled guffaws at my request. Rent a cottage and invite fifty guests? I think the guy actually wanted to hang up. He was being as polite as possible. But to be honest I don’t really care a bit about that– I’m still basking in the newly-engaged congratulatory daze of bliss and inappropriately-sized grins. I’m content to just be for the time being and let winter fade away before I start getting wedding fever.

And, with that… I am back! No more weeks between entries, promise. Happy snow day!


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4 Responses to “Oh, simply tons of news… And I’ll stop being lazy, too!”

  1. Ginny Ballou Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to you both! Great decision!!! Let me know if you’d like me to do wedding fleurs – I’d be sooo happy to!! Yes, Bella is a Ragdoll and a truly dear little thing. Has her first Vet check today.
    We just had 10 more inches of that white stuff. Gettin’ kinda old.
    So happy to hear from you! Love, Ginny

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