Forever young…? Nope.

My hair is completely changing color. Considering how much time (and money, eesh) I spent on chemically doing just that as a teenager, I’m kind of surprised at the fact that I’m not pleased about it. My hair is my favorite feature, one of those constants that you always manage to take for granted (for example, by drowning it in Manic Panic and/or Sun-In) and now that it’s not being itself… Le sigh. I haven’t chemically altered it in any way since 2001, when I stripped out “Chocolate Cherry” because it clashed with my prom dress, & dyed it very dark brown, close to my natural shade. After that, the difference was so negligible I just let it grow out, and haven’t done anything to it (besides cuts, for better or for worse), ever since.

And the whole color-change thing… It’s because I’m going white. Not gray, thank goodness for small favors, but a weird blonde-white that doesn’t bother me much. In fact, I have a large white streak on my right side, and recently it’s been spreading to my bangs. At first it was just those few little hairs, and I admit I sort of like the idea of a sophisticated Stacey London-esque streak… but as recently as August I’ve noticed an overall change– rather than being a dark, blue-brown (almost black), my hair is all over lighter in color with several strawberry streaks in various spots. In sunlight you might mistake me for a redhead.

I worry this means I’ll be completely white by my next birthday. The other day while blow-drying I discovered a half-black, half white hair in my brush. It’s happening, and it’s happening really fast. I just turned 25 this week!

I don’t really have a point for posting this other than to put it out into the universe that if we could slow this down a bit, I’d appreciate it. I’ve done a good job avoiding a quarter-life crisis so far, but widow-white by 26 might push me over the edge! Haha, my patience and virtue can only take me so far. Up against vanity, they don’t stand a chance!

Happy Wednesday & come back later tonight for Literary Ladies #7, featuring Scarlett O’Hara & Antigone.


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One Response to “Forever young…? Nope.”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I’ve been wrestling with a box of copper red dye for a few months now. I’ve been a golden blond my entire life and I want a change.

    You could always redye your hair brown/black again to cover the white/gray?


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