Things I Love Thursday: Late winter sun & New York, New York!

rickydavid via flickr

rickydavid via flickr

Late winter sun is streaming in my windows, and the house is cozy in the filtered light. I’ve got hot coffee, a down comforter wrapped around me, and another half-hour to procrastinate before starting to get ready for work. The kittens are milling about, mewling for breakfast and rolling in the sun…

  • This part of the day, before work and after some coffee, where my mind is awake and preparing for whatever the day throws my way. It’s a meditative time for me, a time to reflect and imagine my reactions to things. When I think about how I feel, when I put effort into recognizing the most gentle and reasonable ways to conduct myself– I find I can connect on a more meaningful level with the students in my classes. If I’m tired, keyed up, or distracted my patience flies right out the window and so does their chance to get anything substantial out of the class.
  • Finalizing my plans for a trip to New York City in April! I’m going with a group of friends to see the Daily Show be taped in Manhattan on April 20th, a dynamic and creative and fantastic group of people with whom I always laugh too hard and talk too much and enjoy every amazing second. We’ll stay in a hotel & eat sushi from the only city (besides Tokyo, in my opinion) who has any business dabbling in the ancient art of raw fish at all.  And as a bonus, I’m visiting my lovely redheaded doctor friend to go bridesmaids dress shopping for her wedding!
  • Uh, weddings. You knew this was coming. I’m in, going to, or being the bride in 5 (yes, 5) weddings between now and this time next year. I’m maid of honor (will be matron at that point, sounds old) in one, a bridesmaid in two, going to one, and one will be mine. I do promise, however, to keep the wedding schlock to a minimum, unless it involves sweet vintage shopping for stemware.
  • Jupiter in Mars. Completely makes up for Mercury retrograde a few weeks ago. Mars is the planet that rules Pisces, and Jupiter is the planet of good fortune. It might not mean much, but I like the symbolism & could use the good luck.

Honorable mentions this week include: my clean & shiny apartment; Radar-cat, who cuddles with me under the covers (much to Adam’s irritation; reading things that blow my mind; feeling the difference that three meals a day makes; long phone calls with friends, even when I’m just tooling around the grocery store; picking material that my English class kids enjoy reading (!!!); remembering to breathe; stretching in the shower; coming to terms with my white hairs; imagining going blonde. (I’ve always wanted to try it, so I’ll get a chance if things go how they look as they will!); AAND visits from my mom & dad on sunny, uncharacteristically-warm-for-March days.

Happy Thursday– what’s on your love-list this week?


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