Things I Love Thursday

Since starting the TiLT posts a while back, I’ve been trying to remember, each day, to jot down on the post-it note of my consciousness the things which make me smile. Some days it takes more effort than others, and sometimes the joy runs through me like fiery disco-ball gamma rays of ecstasy. Today, the sun is bright in my tall windows. Spring & winter have come to a truce, at least for the morning, and the air is the cloying damp bite that leads to crocuses in the garden. These are the things I see around me, and these are the things I let come into me when I don’t want to pull the pillow from my eyes at the sound of the alarm. Truth be told, I’m having a hard time believing that it’s actually already Thursday. This week blew by so fast I barely remember it, but that’s really just fine because that just means I was uber-productive. Usually I have the love-list prepared, but this week I’m winging it:

  • Getting to be the voice of reason for once. It’s unusual for me to find myself in the position of being the more reasonable of two parties. I’m rash and make decisions emotionally, take everything personally, and am generally very good at over-reacting. As of late, my life hasn’t left me any room for irrationality, and for that I’m thankful. Always pulling out the over-analytical cap is exhausting, and I’ve discovered that sometimes, a spade is a spade. Especially in my line of work.
  • My stained-glass window hanging. I know it’s silly & material, but I love it. It was made years ago by Adam’s infinitely talented mother, and when we moved to Amherst she gifted it to us. We hung it in the kitchen window, the biggest and best-lit window in the house. When the sun strikes it at the right angle, the colors stretch across the entire house and cover the walls in jewel-toned violet and kelly green. Actually, Ginny has the same pattern hanging in her kitchen, as well!
  • Ridiculously tall windows. The bungalow is really the loveliest place we could have ended up at. After all this winter, I’d almost forgotten how light and cozy it feels when the weather is nice. Oversized windows (the largest is 109″, the skylights are 4’x4′) are also quite useful for inspecting said bungalow for accumulated winter dirt & cobwebs– I’m going to have to pick up that extender arm for the Swiffer duster. The peak beam looks like a spider farm.

Honorable mentions this week: scarily accurate horoscopes (read after the fact); the veritable library of vintage occult books and manuals that Gram gave me– more on this soon!; Bueno y Sano; getting lots of work done; making connections with students who need it; understanding symbolic layers that give situations deeper meaning; reading books gifted by lovely friends; genuine polite feelings for somone who is… not my favorite; planning a closet-cleaning; not needing to have the water on the hottest setting to enjoy a shower.

Leave me your lists!


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One Response to “Things I Love Thursday”

  1. moi Says:

    “…I’ve discovered that sometimes, a spade is a spade.” Beautifully put. And this: “…not needing to have the water on the hottest setting to enjoy a shower” is a great feeling!

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