Four haiku for springtime

Bienenwabe via Flickr

Bienenwabe via Flickr

I spent all day in the garden on Saturday, removing all traces of winter from the patio area and preparing to pretend that winter never happened. Here are some haiku I wrote after my marathon four-hour rendezvous with spring was over.

The silence of spring,
my hurried raking, respect
the fitful growing.

Raking the silence
I eat the topsoil of Spring’s
hurried growing. Peace.

Watching the crocus
slip silently into life, I
think to live like she.

My rake scratches earth
I knock loose a stone, it spills;
Spring, take down this wall.

Think thawed thoughts, friends! What did you do this weekend?


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One Response to “Four haiku for springtime”

  1. Cammila Says:

    How beautiful. Spring is in the air!

    My weekend was nothing interesting, except that I managed to break our blender, our food processor, AND our mixer! Apparently I can’t be trusted! ;)

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