Need some dream-interpretation help

Okay, I had the most bizarre dream pretty much ever this morning, interrupted by the alarm clock. I need to get it down before I forget any details, because I feel certain there’s something to be learned from this even if I can’t figure what it is right now.

My home environment was different– my current street was off the street I lived on in college. The scenery was different too, instead of one side of the street being farmland like in real life, the river was much larger and the mountains much closer. The street wound back to my development, the avenue leading to the houses unpaved and the dirt very loose, almost like you have to trudge through it– not packed down enough for good walking. The beginning of the dream was me driving my car away from home, and the next bit I remember was a strip of route 9 in central Mass, near where I took some grad classes and drank a lot of blueberry beer on trivia nights while living in Northboro. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts then, and was randomly in line behind a group of people I knew from middle and high school who were never particularly friendly or kind to me (but whom, until today, I hadn’t thought of in years either). They acted strangely and made me feel strange, so I left without buying a coffee, and for some reason also left my car. The next bit was me walking, watching large flat-screen TVs along the road talking about how the biggest live quahog ever was discovered. I kept going, and when I got back to Amherst and my strangely unpaved development, I found the clam was underneath the loose dirt right near my house. The excavators had given up trying to get it out because the trauma from digging it out had killed it. But I… I thought it was weird to leave it there, and in this dream I took an empty bag of soil (just your regular plastic bag from Ace or Aubuchon or any of those garden centers) and started piling the rapidly-decaying flesh of the quahog onto the bag and dragging it down to a glacial pond (which really does exist on the outskirts of the condos) to give it a watery burial. I was just getting to a good clip of transferring the armloads of flesh to the pond when the alarm went off and I woke up with a resounding, “What the…?”

So, I think my subconscious is screaming something at me, but I have no idea what. Anyone want to help with this?


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2 Responses to “Need some dream-interpretation help”

  1. Claire A Says:


    This is all smacking of frustration anxiety — right now you really want to achieve something and it’s just not happening, which might be leading to a bit of low self-esteem.

    The features of your street being different (larger) definitely suggests that there’s something looming large in your life right now — an issue, a task, a forthcoming event — and because the large features were ones you recognised, it’s probably something familiar, something you’re aware of.

    The dirt stopping you from walking suggests that you’re struggling to fulfil this thing that’s bothering you, but you’re finding it hard-going and you’re maybe not sure why.

    Suddenly jumping from place to place without explanation is common in dreams — the need to stop for a rest and get coffee again suggests that you’re finding things pretty hard-going… but it could also suggest that you’re deliberately putting other things in the way so you don’t have to address the larger issue right now.

    The people in the line in front of you represent whatever obstacle it is that you’re needing to overcome before you can get rid of this anxiety you have. The fact that they were people you don’t like just heightens the obstacle — had they been people you liked, you might not have minded standing behind them so much. So you’re anxious about something, but you’re mildly annoyed by whatever’s stopping you from dealing with that anxiety.

    Finding the quahog under your house might be another suggestion that this thing you’re struggling with or anxious about is, again, close to home or familiar. It may also suggest that whatever it is is upsetting your home life or private life. Trying desperately to bury the quahog definitely says to me that you’re trying to rid yourself of this anxiety, whatever it may be… but perhaps you’re not succeeding as well as you’d like, and perhaps you’re not getting the help you’d like either (but then you maybe haven’t asked for it?)

    Basically, if you’ve got anything you’re putting off, do it. If you need help with doing it, ask for help. And if there’s an obstacle in your way, get round it.

    Hope that helps. :) C

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