Things I Love Thursday


Thursday really sneaked up on the NEN bungalow this week. Despite some professional setbacks for A (a company with a huge debt to his design firm went bankrupt, ughh) I think it’s safe to say we’re persevering and getting ready for the weekend. This week’s list is full of some simple things that made my smile wider, exactly the types of things you turn to as things feel momentarily tough but that always seem to see you through:

  • First days of the month! I love firsts; no matter what time of year, the symbolic new beginnings are a great motivator to try new things and step a little more lively. This month also marks my month to go over my new years goals, and re-evaluate what it is I need from 2009. Things have changed pretty drastically since January, so I do believe it’s time to change my patterns accordingly.
  • My tried and true J. Crew cashmere cardigan. I think I can honestly say this is the most-loved thing in my wardrobe, and it goes with everything. I’ve worn it all year, at least once a week, since it was given to me Christmas of 2005, by A’s awesome mom. She always seems to pick just the thing: the thing you’ve coveted from afar (but won’t splurge and buy yourself), the thing you love dearly, the thing that is comfy and practical, and the thing that lasts forever without showing signs of age. I’m going to wear it for good luck today– being observed by the principal for my year-end review! Eep!
  • $4 drafts @ the Moan and Dove with old (and new!) friends. Last weekend was $4 drafts at my favorite local bar, so history dictates we go and drink some beer. I love the selection at this bar in particular– I’m a recent convert to beer, only the last two years or so have I really enjoyed the nuances and differences between brews. So getting to share it with my love, a favorite French class buddy, an adventurous new friend, and a new love interest of one of the two made last Friday night one of the best so far in 2009. That leads me to the third item this week…
  • New love for old friends. There’s not a lot more to be said about this, other than GIRL you deserve it. And this new boy is awfully cute, too! Love!
  • Packing away my winter clothes! The process only began this weekend, and I kept out some things, since we all know the adage about New England weather. Whatever, that quixotic quality is something I love in particular about this area. I’ll continue the process this weekend, and hopefully we won’t have to dig into the sweaters again any time soon.

Honorable mentions this week: the tri-color crocuses growing in my yard; bare legs and spring skirts; watching A kick zombie butt on Resident Evil 5; digging out some old clothes that didn’t fit, but now DO fit (yay, me!); veggie burgers & smartfood; being a Pisces; Freecycling!; Claire and her very sweet help with my crazy dreams— I think she’s right, folks! (C, I also appreciate that you took the time to help me, when you are in such clear need of a break. That’s amazing, and I’m very grateful.); and organizing from the inside out.

What’s on your list this week?


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