Operation motivation

So, here’s the gameplan: today is Operation Upstairs, in which we rearrange for spring (yay, skylights!) and I organize my newly-repurposed secretary. One of my personal New Year’s resolutions was to unclutter my life a little more every month, and at some point that means cutting down on all of those excess bathroom goodies… you know the ones, they were given as gifts, but– you don’t take baths/ are a strictly-organic sort of girl/ are allergic to all that perfume. When we moved last summer, I got rid of most of the extra clutter, but if I’m being honest… I let it accumulate again.

This led me to think about my morning routine, which is less than streamlined at the moment. I’ve done well sticking to my resolution of getting up earlier, & use some of that time to eat breakfast, so I am definitely not as rushed. But I do tend to procrastinate & leave the minimal amount of time, even if that is a bit longer than before. I’ve decided to pare down to my essentials in the bathroom, and store the things I really never use neatly in the closet. These eight things are the tried and true best, in my opinion, and what I cannot live without:
my essentials

  1. Boscia detox mask
  2. St. Ives Apricot Scrub
  3. Forever Spring collagen moisturizer
  4. Revlon Beyond Natural Defining Eyeliner (Very Black)
  5. Bare Escentuals Brow Kit
  6. Carmex lip balm
  7. Miliani lipstick in Carnival
  8. Chanel No. 5

If you dared to bare your cabinet, what would make the final cut? Here’s to a streamlined Monday routine!



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