Update: Operation Motivation

The other day I mentioned repurposing the antique secretary my mom gifted me for my first apartment with A. I am very proud to say, it was a smashing success! I went from this:

Not so amazing, I know. Keep in mind this stuff was normally at least contained within the doors, but it gives you some idea of the sheer volume of crap to sift through. Anyway, we went from that to this:

I couldn’t be happier! I just boxed up all the extraneous stationery/cards/pens/etc and organized all my jewelry and makeup inside. I’ve had my new spot for three days now, and it’s unconditionally perfect for what I’m using it for.  It’s big enough that I can easily store everything I want, without having to make piles and dift through excess. And, as A says, all the “girl stuff” is out of his way in the bathroom in the mornings!

I used the hooks installed for shelves to hang some jewelry;  Lucy, my indigo glass head, got a sparkly hat & I and displayed my pins for easy access; an antique teacup serves as a place to hang earrings & hold extra rings; the plate in the middle keeps bracelets and my watch; and my favorite necklaces are displayed from the empty fish-shaped wine bottles that used to be on top. Now, they’re pretty & functional, my favorite combination. And Mary is taking care of my japa malas:

Having everything look so pretty makes me want to organize the whole house like this, but I’ll have to wait a few days– we can’t work A too hard! It’s so much easier to pick out jewelry to wear now that everything is in plain sight like this. The silver cockoo clock is still my favorite of the moment,  usually paired with the big green bauble to the left– my wn design. On another note, I love the perspective this picture has, and completely on accident. My opposite-colors bed makes me smile every time I come upstairs. Right now, there’s a certain curly-haired fiance dozing upon it– the only time I like it better than freshly-made. :)

And it’s two weeks till NYC! This is going to be a good week, don’t you think?


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