Starred: 4.10.09

once wed, d*s & d*s

once wed, lauren levy & oscar + emma

Starred is a weekly link-roundup of the things the internets showed me.

Visual overload on design*sponge this week– Grace & co are outdoing themselves. First there was the new Lauren Levy button art, which I want all over the apartment. Then there was the sneak peek of the duo behind Oscar & Emma‘s abode. Oh. My. God. The aesthetic is similar to what A and I have tried to spread throughout the bungalow, with its giggly orange highlights & warm mustard that runs throughout their house. Plus, I love their use of geometric prints, which are all over my house, from the curtains to the bedspread to the paintings on the wall. My bookmarks this week were mostly d*s. I am an unashamed fangirl.

For god’s sake, don’t sleep with him! by the indomitable playgirl Gala Darling. I’d never really thought of it from the perspective she attacks it from, but she’s absolutely right.

This series from OnceWed: Mosey handmade wedding I, II, & III. How lovely was this wedding? I’m totally inspired! (The collage at the top features Jes’s bouquet!)

These prints from Pattern Bakery (via poppytalk); This fettuccini from bread&honey– lower fat cream sauce makes my day; wedding niceties from $2000 bugdet weddings, which we are going to co-opt for our own consciences.

What made your favorites this week?


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