Starred 4.17.09


Been kind of quiet around here this week. I had a job interview yesterday and as such skipped TiLT due to extenuating nervous circumstances, so I’ll compensate here a bit. I know all four of my loyal readers were disappointed with no TiLT this week! Tomorrow, I’m leaving Massachusetts for the weekend to head to NJ & NYC, where I’ll be staying with a friend from college and then seeing The Daily Show taped on Monday! So, so excited. I mean, aside from the driving four hours alone part, but to combat loneliness and boredom I cleaned off my iPod & added tons of new stuff to listen to (Cinemasophia‘s new album, Neko Case‘s new album, Au Revoir Simone, some others) & charged up the voice recorder, so I can try and write. Definitely going to bring along my trusty laptop, digicam & cable connector and keep record of the debauchery. Must remember to get batteries.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Get lots of sunshine & eat lots of fruit!


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