Things I Love Thursday

meggie & me in central park, chatting with john.

meggie & me in central park, chatting with john.

  • Interstate travel, all by myself– believe it. Last week, a lone three-and-a-half hour drive made me shiver in bored delirium, but I discovered that with a charged iPod, a coffee and a snack anything is possible. Perks include no complaints about your driving, getting to choose all the music (and yes, I know it was obnoxious to play Lady Gaga in traffic on the Cross-Bronx Expressway, but I have it on good authority that the Lady would approve), and not having to stop for anyone but yourself. That was especially helpful coming home, when all I could think about was a hug from my man and my soft, soft pillow.
  • Intercity travel, all by myself– and yes, again. I managed to handle the subway in New York City all by myself. Now, I know this isn\’t rocket science, but I\’d never done it before either. So I feel a little proud, in a nerdy way.For the first time, I was the NYC verteran– though I admit I\’m hopeless at figuring out where I\’m standing on a map.
  • Central Park by streetlamp– there is nothing quite the same as walking underneath a Victorian wrought-iron footbridge by streetlamp, listening to carriage horses clop by on their way back to the stables. All the recent rain had made everything fragrant and new, a compelling paradox in the concrete jungle between 71st and 72nd, and a real-life parallel dimension of old-time America.
  • Being home! I love New York, but there\’s something lacking without the Berkshires.
  • A, because he\’s the sweetest. And he made me chocolate cupcakes for my return home. There\’s nothing like being greeted with chocolate.
  • Honorable mentions: Walking until my feet feel ready to fall off; horoscopes– they always put a smile on my face; eating greasy pizza in a hole-in-the-wall on 42nd street; tiny Mexican grocery stores that sell mango & passion fruit girl-beers; sisters coming to stay; supportive girlfriends; homemade banana bread; comedy & laughter; serious Zen; getting back into writing Literary Ladies, and feeling good about it; working on my heart; whipping up picnic dinners for A\’s late night at work; brunch & coffee; Writing. I\’ve been doing it. This is good. drinking too much coffee & giggling; getting lost in the sea of satin & silk that is wedding dress shopping; falling over under the weight of the dress; seeing my mom tear up over a gown (not the one I chose); choosing a dress! Yes, I chose one! I\’ll post it, but it will have to be locked so A can\’t see. Hooray!

    Happy happy Thursday,


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    One Response to “Things I Love Thursday”

    1. megan Says:

      really? you had to post that pic? lol i get it, it was the coolest stop of the trip; however, adam could easily photoshop me out of it, couldnt he? gah i like things i love thursday the best, probably because it’s routine and i can count on it. and it persistently makes me think of nathan. every time.

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