Starred 4.24.09

imagine, dallas clayton, terminator, fish bottles @ oh, happy day!

imagine, dallas clayton, terminator, fish bottles @ jordan ferney

I’m so behind on my reader this week, and I simply refuse to ‘mark all read’ and move on. As a person who chooses bizarre things to be compulsive about, things like my google reader (and iPod, and desk calendar, email, etc) cannot be compromised for the sake of time. I thought I’d share some more New York pics, too– thanks, Megan!

  • I love this photo set from the portfolio of Jac de Villiers, via Oh, Happy Day!. I’ve been surprising myself this week, being attracted to designs & patterns I don’t normally choose– this spare, masculine space (that uses fish bottles!) is very different from the functional-clutter, floral-filled rooms that so often catch my eye.
  • The vibrant, fluid color in these Kaitlyn Sullivan ink-drop paintings immediately caught my eye while I was perusing Where the Lovely Things Are this week. A & I have been discussing creating a painting/print/photo collage on one of the big, empty panels in the bungalow, & I think something whimsical and kind of psychedelic would help to blend the kind of disparate collection of photos & such we’ve amassed for the project.
  • I am kind of fascinated with the idea of a vegan bechemel sauce, but truth be told I think I’d just adapt this recipe to suit my dairy-loving tastes. The rest of it sounds delectable, so whyever not? When I worked at the People’s Market, we carried vegan cheeses of various sorts, and I couldn’t imagine it as anything less than foul. Alas, veganism’s hip cause is just not for me.
  • This poem by Dallas Clayton made me smile when I needed it, so he makes the list again this week. I’ve used a few of his poems in my English classes; I always find a basket of gems peeking out from behind the curtains of his glasses, & the kids like that sometimes there’s a riddle.
  • Obligatory wedding links: The Little Goddess headband by yellowgoat is such a delicate, unique piece to complement an outdoor wedding & $2000 Wedding gives hints on how to find a great vintage wedding dress.

    Happy weekend & enjoy the first hot days of New England summer!


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    2 Responses to “Starred 4.24.09”

    1. Veiled Vows Says:

      Um…you may have the best blog name ever…of course I’m a new england girl so I may be biased.

    2. A boy, a girl, a love story & a wedding « new england noir Says:

      […] for later in the evening, when the sun goes down 4. This gorgeous hairpiece by YellowGoat, which I’ve mentioned before. I have guilt feelings over spending more than what I have so far on my own looks. A friend […]

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