Several “holy crap” items of today

jimalone via flickr

jimalone via flickr

What the heck happened in the world today? Is there some wonky planet alignment? Today started off sleepy and took a long while to wind up, but it ended up… Pretty freakin’ good.

I had two amazing & reaffirming conversations today, both at work– which, as I’d mentioned, I had been actively courting a bit of disillusionment about. The first was with a student, a whip-smart & mouthy sophomore who got the class engaged in a discussion on how to make school work (in a theoretical sense, not for him personally). I’m not going to lie, I hear a lot of banal, vapid conversation while wheeling through the halls on my mobile classroom (that’s fancy-talk for my cart) & hearing this type of depth and thought made me a very happy teacher indeed.

The second was with a faculty friend, whom I can now officially, today, name a friend. She’s awesome & I am lucky to have a professional connection with a woman of her ideals & resources. I left the conversation with no less than seven different lesson plans, a video, a bunch of articles & with my sense of purpose indescribably & undefinably confirmed.

Then I came home & saw this: Miley versus Jesus on marriage. I never thought I’d say it, but good for you, Miley Cyrus.

And also, Arlen Spector is now a Democrat. Seriously, it’s the Twilight Zone today.

But I’ll take it!


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