Waiting for the thunderstorms

filtered sunlight

Thunderstorms are on the way in, and I am relieved. It’s hard to stay connected (ie, obsess over my email) when the laptop increases your body temperature by twenty degrees.

In the heat of the last two days, it’s easy to fantasize about those amazing summer mornings where you get to lounge in bed, read, and nod off a bit if you feel the urge. I’m looking forward to spending long Saturday mornings in late June & July enjoying my soft comforter & far too much coffee to be reasonable. For the ultimate Saturday morning lay-in, I’d choose:

  1. A light-as-air pj & robe combo
  2. Glamorous complimentary accessories, like those peach beads & cute sandals. Oh, yes, I already own those sandals. Score!
  3. Copious amounts of coffee, preferably very strong & served in a monogrammed mug. Indeed.
  4. Dusty old copies of Jane Austen’s collected works, because I eat that stuff up.

Stay cool, friends.



One Response to “Waiting for the thunderstorms”

  1. Jen B Says:

    Loving all your polyvore boards–the images and the mood you set with your narrative : )

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