Starred: 5.1.09


The bookmarks were kind of out of control this week, which means I spent too much time on the internet. It’s funny, I’d like to have a neat blog featuring my projects and adventures, but I find it hard to maintain any kind of routine with it. Working full-time is forcing me to mismanage my internet empire. Alas! :)

  • There were two entries from Oh, Joy! this week that I absolutely drooled over: new bags from marimekko (you know them, Ikea uses a lot of their fabric) & this house in Los Angeles— I love, LOVE the grass-growing wraparound deck on the second floor. I showed it to A, & we both agree– when can we move in?
  • The Thinking Man’s Take On: The Album. The point is made that the market is over-saturated with songs from the Hit Machines & that compromises the concept of a true ‘album’ in the sense of Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road or Are You Experienced? I cite Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Fox Confessor Brings the Flood, and Neon Bible as my reasons for disagreeing with a good chunk of the article. I’m much more drawn to the concepts behind albums than the radio hits on them. Probably because Pioneer Valley radio is lacking, save the college stations.
  • Check out the paint job in this Stockholm apartment (via homebug). It would be so cool to paint an apartment like this! Though honestly, I’d hire someone. Paint and I have a love-hate relationship: I love to paint, paint hates to look nice when I apply it. :)
  • These photos of model Jamie Bochert are simultaneously beautiful and a darkly haunting. I’m reminded of that photoshoot in W a few years ago, with Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt as the husband-wife duo of the 1960s. This kind of “the-eyes-have-it” pictures are my favorites.
  • The Moldy Doily makes it again, because she has a purse with the B. Kliban cats! I enjoy internet cat ladies, as I am one of them.
  • The Japanese poetics of hair: To punish men/for their endless sins/God gave me/this pale skin/this black hair.

What’s on your link-list this week?



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