Things I Love Thursday

How do I start when there’s three weeks worth of TiLT to write out?

Iiiit’s impossible.

  • Getting a new job. Enough said.
  • Seeing the results when I change my eating habits. I’ve been celebrating a bit too hard, this new job, and for someone who doesn’t eat a whole lot of meat, too many restaurant meals means my body was all HEY JERK. BE NICE. And so in the last week of being good to myself again, (in the way that’s really good, not celebratory-good) feeling the difference has made me a happy girl. I’m so not into meat right now.

To be honest, I sense it taking me a while to get back into the blogging groove. Sometimes I live too much in alternate realities, between books and blogs. I wish myself into a world that isn’t mine, and when I resurface somewhere in Western MA I’m caught off guard and knocked a bit senseless. This week, I’ve been wandering in the Mists of Avalon, having dreams about Arthur and Gwenhyfar, feeling my own tides of the moon.

What’s on your list today?



One Response to “Things I Love Thursday”

  1. Robyn Bradley Says:

    We should take your lists and my lists, put them in a room together, and let them fight it out. :)

    So you got a new gig???? I did not see any mention on FB. Do tell! Will it bring you any closer to Nibs and Nobs?


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