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Computer Issues — no TiLT :(

June 25, 2009

Hey, so… Ophelia is dying, methinks. Really, she’s Ophelia 2.0, but nonetheless. It won’t boot up Vista without freezing, then freezing during startup repair, then freezing at various points 2-3 more times. It’s a crapshoot, but when I can get Windows going it works just fine.It’s been doing this for a few weeks now with no small repairs working…

So I am reformatting today, using the recovery drive & hoping for the best. I was going to do this yesterday, which would have been better, but I didn’t and so now I will have to do it whilst also going to Framingham with Christine and writing my promised daily 5000 words. 5000 words is a lot. I’m up to 1169.

Leave good computer karma, I need it! :)


A boy, a girl, a love story & a wedding

June 18, 2009

square wedding collage 1

Once upon a time, way back in 2002, A & I met through a high school friend of his who lived on my floor in the dorms. Many cramped dorm room nights, two cats, several icky apartments (one amazing one, too) & three jobs later, we’re heading down the aisle on September 12, 2009. I’ve posted dribs and drabs of my wedding ideas here and there, and you can see The Dress here (comment for password).

What could possibly be better than planning a special day for you & your only? So I’m using NEN to brainstorm my wedding ideas, which up until now I really haven’t been able to solidify into a thematic idea. We want the wedding to look like a vintage garden party, as though you stepped back in time once you enter the back yard.  Preeeetty much nothing, especially when your family is as talented (I mentioned talented right?) and generous as ours is.

wedding collage 2

1. Poms like these, to hang from the trees, to dangle & shiver & blow in the breeze!
2. Citrus drop earrings or something like them– the dress itself is fairly heavily beaded on top, so I doubt I’ll wear a necklace. Pretty earrings it is!
3. White silk knit shawl for later in the evening, when the sun goes down
4. This gorgeous hairpiece by YellowGoat, which I’ve mentioned before. I have guilt feelings over spending more than what I have so far on my own looks. A friend mentioned letting me use her fascinator as my something borrowed, so we’ll see.

square wedding collage 1

1. Jane Austen-inspired decor (to match the dress!), found via Once Wed. I love the old paperback as a vase, the antique books for table decorations– and best of all, all of this stuff is available at my mom’s house and it won’t cost me more than some ribbon and hot glue to put together!
2. Beautiful fresh flower & paper birds garland, also via Once Wed. This is going to be so fun to make! We like birds, at my house, so this was a perfect piece to match our aesthetic & sense of humor.
3. Yellow billy buttons! These are perfect for the bright punch of yellow we want to run through the mostly-white flower arrangements. (via Green Wedding Shoes)
4. These beautifully made kaftans… For the honeymoon, of course. (Via Auburn & Ivory)

So now that school is almost out, I’ll be able to focus more on the wedding & begin to start on the heavy-crafting parts. Keep reading in the next few weeks to see my attempts to make it all come together. I’m so excited to be married to my favorite person & best friend, and to create a day he’ll remember forever. Love you, A!

Brought to you by courage (& Twitter)

June 14, 2009

Check out these rooftop chants in Tehran tonight (about 7 hours ago) organized via Twitter. (In case you missed it (because the American media isn’t saying a lot), Iran’s elections are being called into question by the Iranian people & world at large, & there is mass protesting going on throughout the country.) What a testament to courage– and the power of mass communication & social media.

(via The Daily Dish, above)

Click here for tweets about the Iranian elections

For information about this year’s elections in Iran, check out the wiki.

Vintage @ Etsy

June 13, 2009

While I  was waiting for A to get home from work yesterday, I was checking out Etsy (this happens alot, coincidentally) & found some pretty stuff to share:

vintage finds via etsy

  1. Pretty pitcher & planter at Artful Vintage
  2. Vintage owl brass trivet at High Street Market
  3. Nesting canisters at A Second Chance Vintage
  4. Love birds and pine cones at Vintage View

Going with the whole olive green and robin’s egg blue theme discussed here. Today is A’s dad’s birthday. Happy birthday, future father-in-law!

Mismatching chair cushions it is.

June 12, 2009

So, unless you’ve been under a rock since mid-2008, you know that designer Orla Kiely produced a line for Target with her classic awesome awesomeness coupled with Target’s prices. It doesn’t take a genius design guru to know this is a win.  I’ve long coveted her designs, but to be honest I don’t buy many things in that price range.

Fast forward to 10 days ago, when A & I were at Target for a few house supplies (which did not include pretty designer things, just so you can see how persuasive I can be when I want to). Anyway, I knew from the internets that Orla Kiely’s stuff had sold out obscenely fast, and never considered that I might happen upon something of hers still in stores– the line has been sold out for months. But I found two of the pear patterned seat cushions, and knowing they fit both my retro table colorscheme (olive green & robin’s egg blue, to match my grandma Mary’s vintage tablecloth) and my budget, I grabbed the two thinking I could snag a match online for around the same price– boy, was I wrong.

On ebay right now, there are several auctions or options in online stores, and they vary in price pretty significantly. In general, four cushions like this one:

via oood housekeeping

via good housekeeping

Are over $100. I guess my problem isn’t marking a lot of 4 up by $40, though that is steep. It’s that the sellers are gouging on shipping– I know that sending a 4lb box, regardless of size, does not cost $25-40 domestic. I can’t add ebay things to my wedding registry is what I’m saying.  :)

By the way, the Target in Hadley, MA still has some of the melamine plates & serving dishes– just no seat cushions. Happy weekend!