Mismatching chair cushions it is.

So, unless you’ve been under a rock since mid-2008, you know that designer Orla Kiely produced a line for Target with her classic awesome awesomeness coupled with Target’s prices. It doesn’t take a genius design guru to know this is a win.  I’ve long coveted her designs, but to be honest I don’t buy many things in that price range.

Fast forward to 10 days ago, when A & I were at Target for a few house supplies (which did not include pretty designer things, just so you can see how persuasive I can be when I want to). Anyway, I knew from the internets that Orla Kiely’s stuff had sold out obscenely fast, and never considered that I might happen upon something of hers still in stores– the line has been sold out for months. But I found two of the pear patterned seat cushions, and knowing they fit both my retro table colorscheme (olive green & robin’s egg blue, to match my grandma Mary’s vintage tablecloth) and my budget, I grabbed the two thinking I could snag a match online for around the same price– boy, was I wrong.

On ebay right now, there are several auctions or options in online stores, and they vary in price pretty significantly. In general, four cushions like this one:

via oood housekeeping

via good housekeeping

Are over $100. I guess my problem isn’t marking a lot of 4 up by $40, though that is steep. It’s that the sellers are gouging on shipping– I know that sending a 4lb box, regardless of size, does not cost $25-40 domestic. I can’t add ebay things to my wedding registry is what I’m saying.  :)

By the way, the Target in Hadley, MA still has some of the melamine plates & serving dishes– just no seat cushions. Happy weekend!


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