Starred 6.12.09

lobster & swan via this is glamorous

lobster & swan via this is glamorous

Since I haven’t posted a Starred roundup in forever, this is just a little glimpse of the bookmark hell I need to go through at some point… But I also need a complete reformat of my laptop, so first thing is first. Ophelia must work properly before New England Noir’s plans can swing underway.

What a gorgeous week it’s been at the New England Noir bungalow. No, the rain still hasn’t stopped, but you know, it hasn’t kept us down at all. Productivity is the word this week, facilitated by the fact that my teacher synapses are firing “The end is near! The end is near!”. This is how I work– I funk out for a few weeks and can’t function doing more than one thing at once (these last few weeks the focus being work, with seniors leaving, graduation, finals, packing, year-end reports, etc)– and then a second wind sweeps through, wherein I destroy everything on my to-do list with an efficiency that makes Martha Stewart one jealous lady.

What did the internet show you this week?


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One Response to “Starred 6.12.09”

  1. Jen B Says:

    I just posted my (Makes Me) Happy Friday list on my blog.
    Internet=so much eye candy!

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