Updates & mishmash

Hello, internet, long time no write. That’s because things still aren’t 100% with my dear laptop– we discovered that the issue is not, as we thought, a problem with the ever-finicky Windows Vista, but a problem with the laptop’s hardware– likely the hard drive, likely a loose solder. This is the conclusion we drew after discovering that the computer works fine once it’s warmed up– it takes about 20 tries to load Windows on a cold boot, but restarting from sleep is fine. The only thing to do is wait until it dies. Until then, I have a speedy (when warm) reformatted machine, even if the rollback means that the drivers literally do not exist for my sound card. I’ll borrow Adam’s for e-TV. :)

There’s been lots going on: crafting for the wedding (pictures forthcoming!), various 4th of July celebrations, eating obscenely good, obscenely fresh seafood down the Cape, deciding the general style of wedding cupcakes:

ComeUndone via Flickr

ComeUndone via Flickr

So, yes, you could say it has been a productive week or so. It’s a bummer that the reformat didn’t do the trick the way A & I had hoped, but in reality things could be much worse. My laptop runs like lightning for the time being, even if it misbehaves when it’s first turned on. I can’t listen to my iTunes library, but I can stream Rhapsody from Adam’s laptop.
Also of interest is this little terrarium I found on Flickr, (which you will have to click because of Flickr’s weird spaceball.gif overlay that I cannot figure out),  using the same canister from Target as we use for flour and sugar and such.  And I thought I was clever for planting an orchid in the cracked one. It’s making me get excited about making a handful (maybe 8, 10?) terrariums in the antique Ball jars I have lying around. They would be neat to incorporate into the decor– something like this:

gorgeous terrariums via creature comforts via utterly engaged

gorgeous terrariums via creature comforts via utterly engaged

(Ignore the flowers– I don’t have any picture editing software installed on the reformatted Ophelia yet.)

I think now it’s time to wander around in the woods and gather some flowers for my awesome Japanese carp vase. Not to be gross or anything, but it looks like he’s barfing flowers, which A & I agree is both hilarious and disturbing.

Happy Monday!


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