Sarah’s new room

Very recently I had a brain-melt on how things need to progress in the story I’ve been working on since just after college. I’ve got a ton written, but for a long time I wasted energy trying to shoehorn the plotline into something it wasn’t– namely, being for kids. The concept itself is just too dark, and to let it be that without forcing anything else is very freeing.

Building a believable character is hard for me, because again, I over-editorialize and tend not to let them develop organically. For the first few drafts, Sarah was so much the bastion of good– with no temptations, no ill-will, very passive, unassuming– that she was only one thing very definitively: boring. So, as an exercise I’ve never tried before, I hopped on Polyvore to see if I couldn’t create a bedroom space that represented Sarah in a way I hadn’t explored yet. This was the result:

sarah's new room

It smacks of me… As does Sarah’s character, which I hope doesn’t prove too embarrassing if I have the good fortune of any kind of national publication one day.

Because she lives in an old manor, Sarah’s room is filled with light from the huge windows that overlook the East gardens. She sleeps in a giant antique bed, a hand-wrought piece of art commissioned by her great-grandfather. Being very neat, Sarah’s clothes are in perfect order, and her wardrobe doors never hang askew. Her desk doubles as a small apothecary, where she mixes potives to be used on her journey to the Bend. Bottles of different shapes and sizes cover gouges and burns– the casualties of a war she was destined to fight. Her books and trinkets for the journey are packed into an old footlocker, blue paint rubbed off with sea-passage and the passage of time. Candles glint overhead as she closes the door behind her.


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