Things I Love Thursday

(In case you’re not familiar with the concept of things I love Thursday, please do let me refresh you. TiLT was started by the inimitable (though I am a fangirl, not going to lie) Miss Gala Darling. TiLT is a love-list, a list of things that made you smile, what you’re grateful for, what you need reminding that you’re grateful for.)

Worcester State Hospital, by Kate Broderick Photo

Worcester State Hospital, by Kate Broderick Photo

This week has been much crazier than I am used to– it’s amazing how a summer of wedding planning and running here and there seems like so long ago after only two weeks of lesson plans & decorations. I’m so excited to meet the kids & their families tonight! This week, I love…

My classroom & bulletin board: Oh, my goodness. I don’t think I’ve talked about it yet, I’m sort of afraid of being Dooced if I talk about work online too much, but what. The. Awesome. My classroom is huge, full of light, and air conditioned. Whaaaat? I spent a good chunk of yesterday cleaning/decorating/unwrapping the new desks (!!), and the result was stunning. We were given $125 to a teacher supply store in Westfield, which was slightly disappointing in that most of the stuff was geared toward younger kids. BUT! I got peacock feather bulletin board border, and at the dollar store I got some schizophrenic looking wallpaper to cover it in. The result? Pretty amusing. I guess English teachers have some leeway with wackiness:
bulletin board

Radar the cat: Who isn’t stinky anymore! He usually sleeps either between A and I, or stretched all the way out along my leg, so when he was stinkified I was a sad panda. He’s also been very… ehrm, vocal, since the Incident of Smelliness, and is constantly mewling and moaning and talking to us. Pretty funny.

Meggie!: She had a rough week last week, and I am shouting out because I EFFING LOVE HER and can’t wait till she hitches me & the boy. (Yes, you read correctly, my best friend is marrying us. Thanks, Deval!) BFFs, as the kids say these days.

something monumental via flickr

something monumental via flickr

Lisa’s blog, Craft My Bride: If I were she, I’d throw some (tasteful, artsy) ads on that shiz and start making bank, because this girl has a talent for blogging. I like the craft trials best, but if we’re being honest I’ve had an art crush on her since high school, so I’m biased. Also, she’s awesome & funny, so you should go look.

Honorable mentions this week…: Bueno, again; having a functioning AC in the house; eating yogurt & fruit & wheat germ for lunch every day again– it’s amazing how good I feel eating better, I should just do it all the time; remembering my vitamins; challenges that will make me a better person/teacher; MY JOB, hello; planning evil funness for the wedding; sorting playlists with the violinist (classyyyyy); our gorgeous cupcakes; stretching and moving; setting my intentions (and working it into the curriculum); & love, love, love, all over the place.


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2 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday”

  1. Lisa Says:

    eep! I can’t belive the shout-out! thanks so muich my artsy friend!

  2. Lisa Says:

    also, I meant ‘much’ not ‘muich’. also this made me think of you:

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