Is it odd…



Via Audrey Hepburn Complex & BleuBird Vintage

That I…

  • Don’t let my foods touch each other on my plate, but I love sauce of all kinds?
  • Collect vintage buttons, but never sew on the ones that fall off my clothing?
  • Have a glass wig stand named Lucy?
  • Call my house “the Bungalow”, even though it’s clearly nothing like a bungalow?
  • Cannot focus on work while at home?
  • Clean the kitchen obsessively before cooking anything, even grilled cheese?
  • Live for cold nights, movies, hot cocoa, and my husband?
  • Still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up? (Besides fabulous and paaaaid, that is.)
  • Enjoy nothing more than sitting in the sunshine with a good book and a cup of joe?
  • Curse like a sailor in my personal life, but don’t even allow the kids to say “shut up” in my classroom?
  • Imagine everything covered in glitter and rhinestones and sequins?
  • Find it hard to change, even when I can see the changes that would make me happier & more fulfilled?
  • Can read more fluently in my second language now that I’ve stopped doing it everyday, than when it was my LIFE as an undergrad?
  • The first thing I do in the morning is crack my neck and back?
  • Could read East of Eden over and over?
  • Am far more fearless than I seem?


Nope, totally normal. Thanks, Kelly. I really enjoy your blog. :)





One Response to “Is it odd…”

  1. Lisa Says:

    this is awesome

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