new clothes = jumping for joy!

After months of complaining that I have nothing to wear, nothing trendy or exciting or reflective of my current fashion identity, I broke down and went shopping. I plan on mixing some of the things I already own (ie, the black pencil skirt, the sequined clutch, the epic sparkly cuff bracelet (vintage, was my grandma Mimi’s!), the tights & feeling a bit more like myself at work tomorrow! Just because I’m a teacher, and 85% of the times I dress up are work-related, doesn’t mean I have to look like a marm just yet. For less than $60, these are 4 items that will be wearable in every situation this winter. Yay!

winter wardrob remix

I bought the striped t, the gray dolman cardigan, the drapey black floral blouse & the ankle boots. The boots pictured are simply lookalikes, because for some reason I couldn’t find them on the XXI website. For $25, they were a steal. I’m not into bulky sweaters or heavy pants; I live in jersey, cotton-blends, and the occasional piece of gifted cashmere– so winter clothes are a problem for me. I’m in denial all winter long, and usually layer lighter fabrics of several textures for a cozy look. the slight drape in the striped boat-neck t, the shaped flow of the long cardigan– they’re exactly what I pictured when I set out, obliging husband in tow. (He was so nice, I bought him a coffee & cookie on the way home.) Since it’s next to never I come home with something I like, let alone love, like I love these 4 items, I’d say it was a successful trip.

What did you do this weekend?


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2 Responses to “new clothes = jumping for joy!”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I have yet to do any actual winter clothes shopping. I am hoping to make myself some snazzy wool skirts but have yet to make it to the fabric store. I did hit up Target this weekend, though, and got some $10 fleece pajama pants. Not flannel, fleece. They are magnificently soft and I almost can’t wait for another cold night so I can try them out. (I will probably regret saying that, though.)

  2. megan Says:

    Once I clear some space on my LB card, I will be trying to get more winter stuff! I desperately need a long sleeved shirt or sweater to go over all of my short sleeves! I’m like you, Kat (btw I tried but Catherine’s not going to be rolling off my lazy tongue-or fingers!- any time soon!), I deny deny deny the winter by owning 95% summer/spring attire…

    …and maybe I should spend some ACTUAL money so that all my clothes don’t come from one place!

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