A propos?

Name: Catherine
Occupation: High school English teacher, victim of the terrible economy, misty-eyed poet
Where: Amherst, Massachusetts

New England Noir was an idea born one sunny afternoon at the local swimming-hole. We were four twentysomethings at the river in 2008, but being hidden away from the world like that made me feel like we could have been relics from a time that existed before me. It perfectly symbolized the Western Massachusetts way—modern and progressive, and yet deeply enmeshed in Americana.

Maybe it was a result of the sun, or maybe the honey browns we’d been sipping—but I suddenly realized that for all the millions of blogs out there, there was nothing for the discerning Pioneer Valley-girl. That is, there is no one place to archive all of the amazing sights and sounds of a place I’ve come to consider home since moving to Amherst for the first time over six years ago.

First and foremost, this is a personal blog, so you won’t find on here that isn’t something I would personally endorse as fun, cool, interesting or entertaining. I don’t attend every event I post about, but I also don’t post things I have no interest in– this probably isn’t the place to find out about raging dance clubs or what’s new at T.G.I.Friday’s. (Side note, I’m kind of an old lady about things like clubs and fast food.) What you will find here are museum openings, art shows, poetry readings, antique stores & all the other nerdy/awesome old ladyish things I love.

And please keep in mind, I’m still new to the world of CSS, Photoshop and photography– if you have tips, or my site is broken (horror!) please email me at newenglandnoir (at) gmail (dot) com– formatted in true email style, of course. Likewise if you would like to link back, or ask me to remove a picture, I will do so ASAP, just let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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