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Wherein I admit that I like seeing my stats be higher than normal

November 9, 2009

senseandsensibility via flickr

I am a competitive person. So competitive, in fact, that if I’m not sure I’ll win, I often won’t even play. That’s also called “Being a Giant Brat”, but that’s a post for another time. I’ve noticed that the posts that get the most hits–either search engine hits or pageviews–are my Literary Ladies posts. Those also happen to be the least frequently posted of all my rambling. (You can see some old Literary Ladies posts here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. The very very first is here.)

But, back to my brattiness competitive edge: because I like reading my stats, and because they are fun to write, I am going to make the LLs a bigger part of the writing I do for this website. I’ve learned that the only way to do something right it to do it better, more frequently, and geekier than the rest. Geekier I can certainly manage, no question.

Now, it’s your turn: Who do you want to see here? Which actresses are you interested in seeing reprise your favorite leading role? Check out the last poll for some inspiration, and please leave a comment if you have any ideas.
That said, I’m glad to be back to blogging with a bit more regularity! I know it’s not perfect, but things are slowly improving on the stress front, for various reasons.

What’s making Monday less manic for you, today?


winter @ new england noir

November 7, 2009

Winter is the dead time, when Persephone is stashed away below the Earth and her mother weeps ice onto the land. I want to go shopping, and come back wrapped in black cashmere and silk/cotton blends with dashes of peacock blue.


winter @ new england noir

I am feeling dolman sleeves, subtle sequins (I mentioned that, I believe), black everywhere. I’ve always loved sparkly jewelry with a hard edge–I am, at heart, still a riot grrl– and this season’s return to grunge suits my ex-goth tastes to a T. Only this time around, I imagine it differently– full skirts with a tongue-in-cheek 50’s flair, fishnets, happy platforms in saturated hues, & bling stacked to the elbow.

Halloween brought a unique opportunity to buy some makeup I wouldn’t normally look at–I skipped the Halloween aisle entirely and went straight for the Maybelline, with a retro (for me) result. I wore bright blue eyeshadow in an intense, painted on manner for periods of my adolescence, and this time, I didn’t ring my eyes like a psychedelic raccoon. The result was great, & I plan on incorporating the bright cerulean into my “evenings out” makeup routine. The false eyelashes too— who says Halloween is for kids?

No promises, but… I’m back.

October 25, 2009

I need to make time for this blog, because I enjoy it & also because I need an outlet for my geekery. The thing is, my new job is a lot of work. A lot. Like, I’ve never worked this much in my life a lot. And that’s good in many ways, we all love a good challenge. But it also means I’ve got to do some major restructuring of my time, which is proving difficult. We shall see. For now, I’ll let it lie, and try to take advantage of the changes in the most positive way I can.

Well-begun is half done.

August 23, 2009
farfalina via flickr

farfalina via flickr

This week has been hair-raising in the sense that I have got a mountain of work ahead of me like none I have ever tackled before.

There is so much I had planned for 2009, some of which has not yet come to fruition. That’s not to say I’ve lacked the time or the desire, but sometimes a person is scared of something intangible and is paralyzed for a certain time, unsure of where to begin. Also sometimes you get laid off, and have to forego artistic endeavors to get a freaking job, already.

Here or there? It doesn’t matter where you begin, the point is you begin. And the saying “Well-begun is half done?” Well, let’s just say Mary Poppins had enough emotional capital to make me a believer.

Must share before it gets lost in my bookmarks–

August 17, 2009
via audrey hepburn complex

via audrey hepburn complex

This was entirely too apropos today, so I’ll consider it a wink (and perhaps also a nudge) from my good & constant friend, the Universe. You never fail to tell me what I need to know.

Trust me. And keep that conviction alive, when you do anything you need to make it happen. Write cover letters with your heart and not according to a formula, catch the eye of someone who strikes an impression, buy a ticket out of here, but not just that: send out these letters, and follow ups and ones after that and that to get what you want, approach the one you want, smile, say hello, I like you, buy a plane, train, bus ticket. Even just for a day. Even if it’s just a fantasy.
It’s a fantasy you’ll soon turn into reality. And not because it’s scientific or proven by psychological studies, not because this is what cheery false self-improvement books are made of, not because it sounds pretty and easy but because what do you have to lose just to try, to believe, to go after what you want. Because I’ve seen it happen, I’ve made it happen, and there is no muddled mind proclaiming help from higher powers or magical fulfillment, this is how it happens, and it is always how it happens. The surprises and breakthroughs, even the failures and disasters, it is all part of this. So give in to it, feed it, and feel alive.
And, trust me, soon it’ll happen. Exactly as you imagined…but better, brighter, dazzling and dizzying and with so much wonder in its every moment you’ll be marveling at the unreality of life.


I started my new job today…