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Well-begun is half done.

August 23, 2009
farfalina via flickr

farfalina via flickr

This week has been hair-raising in the sense that I have got a mountain of work ahead of me like none I have ever tackled before.

There is so much I had planned for 2009, some of which has not yet come to fruition. That’s not to say I’ve lacked the time or the desire, but sometimes a person is scared of something intangible and is paralyzed for a certain time, unsure of where to begin. Also sometimes you get laid off, and have to forego artistic endeavors to get a freaking job, already.

Here or there? It doesn’t matter where you begin, the point is you begin. And the saying “Well-begun is half done?” Well, let’s just say Mary Poppins had enough emotional capital to make me a believer.


Calendar updates, now with more Andy Warhol

July 23, 2009
ana via flickr

ana via flickr

The calendar has been updated to reflect some neat stuff going on around here. I personally am looking forward to Poetry on the Green, which is next week in Westfield. I’ve been looking for an excuse to go see Lori Desrochiers read, and this time it’s outdoors! Perfect.

Starred 6.12.09

June 12, 2009
lobster & swan via this is glamorous

lobster & swan via this is glamorous

Since I haven’t posted a Starred roundup in forever, this is just a little glimpse of the bookmark hell I need to go through at some point… But I also need a complete reformat of my laptop, so first thing is first. Ophelia must work properly before New England Noir’s plans can swing underway.

What a gorgeous week it’s been at the New England Noir bungalow. No, the rain still hasn’t stopped, but you know, it hasn’t kept us down at all. Productivity is the word this week, facilitated by the fact that my teacher synapses are firing “The end is near! The end is near!”. This is how I work– I funk out for a few weeks and can’t function doing more than one thing at once (these last few weeks the focus being work, with seniors leaving, graduation, finals, packing, year-end reports, etc)– and then a second wind sweeps through, wherein I destroy everything on my to-do list with an efficiency that makes Martha Stewart one jealous lady.

What did the internet show you this week?

Starred 4.24.09

April 24, 2009
imagine, dallas clayton, terminator, fish bottles @ oh, happy day!

imagine, dallas clayton, terminator, fish bottles @ jordan ferney

I’m so behind on my reader this week, and I simply refuse to ‘mark all read’ and move on. As a person who chooses bizarre things to be compulsive about, things like my google reader (and iPod, and desk calendar, email, etc) cannot be compromised for the sake of time. I thought I’d share some more New York pics, too– thanks, Megan!

  • I love this photo set from the portfolio of Jac de Villiers, via Oh, Happy Day!. I’ve been surprising myself this week, being attracted to designs & patterns I don’t normally choose– this spare, masculine space (that uses fish bottles!) is very different from the functional-clutter, floral-filled rooms that so often catch my eye.
  • The vibrant, fluid color in these Kaitlyn Sullivan ink-drop paintings immediately caught my eye while I was perusing Where the Lovely Things Are this week. A & I have been discussing creating a painting/print/photo collage on one of the big, empty panels in the bungalow, & I think something whimsical and kind of psychedelic would help to blend the kind of disparate collection of photos & such we’ve amassed for the project.
  • I am kind of fascinated with the idea of a vegan bechemel sauce, but truth be told I think I’d just adapt this recipe to suit my dairy-loving tastes. The rest of it sounds delectable, so whyever not? When I worked at the People’s Market, we carried vegan cheeses of various sorts, and I couldn’t imagine it as anything less than foul. Alas, veganism’s hip cause is just not for me.
  • This poem by Dallas Clayton made me smile when I needed it, so he makes the list again this week. I’ve used a few of his poems in my English classes; I always find a basket of gems peeking out from behind the curtains of his glasses, & the kids like that sometimes there’s a riddle.
  • Obligatory wedding links: The Little Goddess headband by yellowgoat is such a delicate, unique piece to complement an outdoor wedding & $2000 Wedding gives hints on how to find a great vintage wedding dress.

    Happy weekend & enjoy the first hot days of New England summer!

    Starred: 4.10.09

    April 10, 2009

    once wed, d*s & d*s

    once wed, lauren levy & oscar + emma

    Starred is a weekly link-roundup of the things the internets showed me.

    Visual overload on design*sponge this week– Grace & co are outdoing themselves. First there was the new Lauren Levy button art, which I want all over the apartment. Then there was the sneak peek of the duo behind Oscar & Emma‘s abode. Oh. My. God. The aesthetic is similar to what A and I have tried to spread throughout the bungalow, with its giggly orange highlights & warm mustard that runs throughout their house. Plus, I love their use of geometric prints, which are all over my house, from the curtains to the bedspread to the paintings on the wall. My bookmarks this week were mostly d*s. I am an unashamed fangirl.

    For god’s sake, don’t sleep with him! by the indomitable playgirl Gala Darling. I’d never really thought of it from the perspective she attacks it from, but she’s absolutely right.

    This series from OnceWed: Mosey handmade wedding I, II, & III. How lovely was this wedding? I’m totally inspired! (The collage at the top features Jes’s bouquet!)

    These prints from Pattern Bakery (via poppytalk); This fettuccini from bread&honey– lower fat cream sauce makes my day; wedding niceties from $2000 bugdet weddings, which we are going to co-opt for our own consciences.

    What made your favorites this week?