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Censorship & the city

November 23, 2009

An interesting thing happened today.

I was told to remove a book from my book list because of “explicit content.” The book was Stardust, by Neil Gaiman, and the questionable content was the scene in the beginning where Dunstan is seduced by the witch. Luckily, due to the fact that the book isn’t really that risque for a teenager, I was able to get away with a gracious “Thanks for letting me know!” (I knew, I’ve read it) and leave it on the list.

It brings up a compelling & multi-faceted argument, though. I bookmarked Claire’s take on it back when she wrote it, because I love hearing other young teachers’ opinions on classroom politics. I thought of her (and in conjunction, this one from the Guardian book blog) today. Do we have a right to censor what kids read?

The answer is, ostensibly, yes. But is it good for them? No. Life isn’t pretty. People die. Pets run away. Genocides happen. People have babies in one night stands with faerie-slaves. It’s life. So I tweeted earlier that I wasn’t going to take it off the list.

My parents (all 4 of them) never censored what I consumed in any form, especially not books. Sure, Beavis and Butthead were verboten, but I read The Diary of Anne Frank when I was 8. They knew I was smart enough to ask questions if I had them, research what I didn’t understand, and most importantly, they knew that I was intelligent enough to understand the difference between reality and fantasy. In fact, I still mostly can! Bonus.

Do some books blur the line? Absolutely. But riddle me this: what’s worse? A skanky faerie-witch, or a main character whose whole relationship is predicated on saying ‘No’ and being forced to do things anyway? The whole Twilight franchise glorifies ignorance and sexism, and yet… No… Stardust?  We’ll encourage unrealistic teenage relationships, unrealistic teenage marriage fantasies, and unrealistic teenage pregnancy, thanks.


I clearly win.


new clothes = jumping for joy!

November 8, 2009

After months of complaining that I have nothing to wear, nothing trendy or exciting or reflective of my current fashion identity, I broke down and went shopping. I plan on mixing some of the things I already own (ie, the black pencil skirt, the sequined clutch, the epic sparkly cuff bracelet (vintage, was my grandma Mimi’s!), the tights & feeling a bit more like myself at work tomorrow! Just because I’m a teacher, and 85% of the times I dress up are work-related, doesn’t mean I have to look like a marm just yet. For less than $60, these are 4 items that will be wearable in every situation this winter. Yay!

winter wardrob remix

I bought the striped t, the gray dolman cardigan, the drapey black floral blouse & the ankle boots. The boots pictured are simply lookalikes, because for some reason I couldn’t find them on the XXI website. For $25, they were a steal. I’m not into bulky sweaters or heavy pants; I live in jersey, cotton-blends, and the occasional piece of gifted cashmere– so winter clothes are a problem for me. I’m in denial all winter long, and usually layer lighter fabrics of several textures for a cozy look. the slight drape in the striped boat-neck t, the shaped flow of the long cardigan– they’re exactly what I pictured when I set out, obliging husband in tow. (He was so nice, I bought him a coffee & cookie on the way home.) Since it’s next to never I come home with something I like, let alone love, like I love these 4 items, I’d say it was a successful trip.

What did you do this weekend?

winter @ new england noir

November 7, 2009

Winter is the dead time, when Persephone is stashed away below the Earth and her mother weeps ice onto the land. I want to go shopping, and come back wrapped in black cashmere and silk/cotton blends with dashes of peacock blue.


winter @ new england noir

I am feeling dolman sleeves, subtle sequins (I mentioned that, I believe), black everywhere. I’ve always loved sparkly jewelry with a hard edge–I am, at heart, still a riot grrl– and this season’s return to grunge suits my ex-goth tastes to a T. Only this time around, I imagine it differently– full skirts with a tongue-in-cheek 50’s flair, fishnets, happy platforms in saturated hues, & bling stacked to the elbow.

Halloween brought a unique opportunity to buy some makeup I wouldn’t normally look at–I skipped the Halloween aisle entirely and went straight for the Maybelline, with a retro (for me) result. I wore bright blue eyeshadow in an intense, painted on manner for periods of my adolescence, and this time, I didn’t ring my eyes like a psychedelic raccoon. The result was great, & I plan on incorporating the bright cerulean into my “evenings out” makeup routine. The false eyelashes too— who says Halloween is for kids?

Is it odd…

November 5, 2009



Via Audrey Hepburn Complex & BleuBird Vintage

That I…

  • Don’t let my foods touch each other on my plate, but I love sauce of all kinds?
  • Collect vintage buttons, but never sew on the ones that fall off my clothing?
  • Have a glass wig stand named Lucy?
  • Call my house “the Bungalow”, even though it’s clearly nothing like a bungalow?
  • Cannot focus on work while at home?
  • Clean the kitchen obsessively before cooking anything, even grilled cheese?
  • Live for cold nights, movies, hot cocoa, and my husband?
  • Still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up? (Besides fabulous and paaaaid, that is.)
  • Enjoy nothing more than sitting in the sunshine with a good book and a cup of joe?
  • Curse like a sailor in my personal life, but don’t even allow the kids to say “shut up” in my classroom?
  • Imagine everything covered in glitter and rhinestones and sequins?
  • Find it hard to change, even when I can see the changes that would make me happier & more fulfilled?
  • Can read more fluently in my second language now that I’ve stopped doing it everyday, than when it was my LIFE as an undergrad?
  • The first thing I do in the morning is crack my neck and back?
  • Could read East of Eden over and over?
  • Am far more fearless than I seem?


Nope, totally normal. Thanks, Kelly. I really enjoy your blog. :)