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new clothes = jumping for joy!

November 8, 2009

After months of complaining that I have nothing to wear, nothing trendy or exciting or reflective of my current fashion identity, I broke down and went shopping. I plan on mixing some of the things I already own (ie, the black pencil skirt, the sequined clutch, the epic sparkly cuff bracelet (vintage, was my grandma Mimi’s!), the tights & feeling a bit more like myself at work tomorrow! Just because I’m a teacher, and 85% of the times I dress up are work-related, doesn’t mean I have to look like a marm just yet. For less than $60, these are 4 items that will be wearable in every situation this winter. Yay!

winter wardrob remix

I bought the striped t, the gray dolman cardigan, the drapey black floral blouse & the ankle boots. The boots pictured are simply lookalikes, because for some reason I couldn’t find them on the XXI website. For $25, they were a steal. I’m not into bulky sweaters or heavy pants; I live in jersey, cotton-blends, and the occasional piece of gifted cashmere– so winter clothes are a problem for me. I’m in denial all winter long, and usually layer lighter fabrics of several textures for a cozy look. the slight drape in the striped boat-neck t, the shaped flow of the long cardigan– they’re exactly what I pictured when I set out, obliging husband in tow. (He was so nice, I bought him a coffee & cookie on the way home.) Since it’s next to never I come home with something I like, let alone love, like I love these 4 items, I’d say it was a successful trip.

What did you do this weekend?


winter @ new england noir

November 7, 2009

Winter is the dead time, when Persephone is stashed away below the Earth and her mother weeps ice onto the land. I want to go shopping, and come back wrapped in black cashmere and silk/cotton blends with dashes of peacock blue.


winter @ new england noir

I am feeling dolman sleeves, subtle sequins (I mentioned that, I believe), black everywhere. I’ve always loved sparkly jewelry with a hard edge–I am, at heart, still a riot grrl– and this season’s return to grunge suits my ex-goth tastes to a T. Only this time around, I imagine it differently– full skirts with a tongue-in-cheek 50’s flair, fishnets, happy platforms in saturated hues, & bling stacked to the elbow.

Halloween brought a unique opportunity to buy some makeup I wouldn’t normally look at–I skipped the Halloween aisle entirely and went straight for the Maybelline, with a retro (for me) result. I wore bright blue eyeshadow in an intense, painted on manner for periods of my adolescence, and this time, I didn’t ring my eyes like a psychedelic raccoon. The result was great, & I plan on incorporating the bright cerulean into my “evenings out” makeup routine. The false eyelashes too— who says Halloween is for kids?

The Wedding Post (Finally!)

October 28, 2009

Saturday, September 12th was not a sunny day. Nay, it was, in fact, pouring.

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, everything came off beautifully & we couldn’t have asked for a more lovely day.  Our wedding was small, with only 60 guests, the great majority of whom were family. Adam and I had decided when we first got engaged that we wanted a small reception & family-only bridal party, to rely on local vendors & talented acquaintances and family for the wedding must-haves, and to be as eco-conscious as we could. It was a lot to consider, but all in all, we met our goals and then some.

Awhile back, I posted some of the decorations we wanted to make for the reception. Yes, I said make, and although many members of my family thought I was nuts (a new job, and a HANDMADE wedding? Oookay, Catherine) everyone was super-supportive and helpful. My mom is awesome, but she’s not in the least crafty– one of my favorite things about my handmade wedding was getting to share my love of making things with my mom. Even if she’s not a crafter, she’s always encouraged me to do my own thing– and she’s worn every puffy-paint t-shirt and ziti necklace I’ve ever made her like it was Chanel and Tiffany. (Love you, Mama!) Anyyyway, here are the results:

Our take on the fresh flower & bird garland, via OnceWed.

Antique books as centerpieces, again from OnceWed.

Terrarium party favors, from Design*Sponge. We loved the idea of giving a growing favor at our wedding.

And, of course, obligatory glamourshots, because this was honestly and truly the best day of our lives.

let's hear it for the boys! (L-R: Matt, Zach, Adam, Sean, Sam)

My best girl (& our Justice for the Day) Meggie & me

bird's nest cupcakes

our rings

our beautiful handmade arch (which is now going to be the entrance to our garden)

Flowers! My favorite part.

When the photographer is a friend, you end up with the best & most personal pictures imaginable. Thank you, Steph!

Now, go on over to Steph’s website and book her for your wedding, too!

Well-begun is half done.

August 23, 2009
farfalina via flickr

farfalina via flickr

This week has been hair-raising in the sense that I have got a mountain of work ahead of me like none I have ever tackled before.

There is so much I had planned for 2009, some of which has not yet come to fruition. That’s not to say I’ve lacked the time or the desire, but sometimes a person is scared of something intangible and is paralyzed for a certain time, unsure of where to begin. Also sometimes you get laid off, and have to forego artistic endeavors to get a freaking job, already.

Here or there? It doesn’t matter where you begin, the point is you begin. And the saying “Well-begun is half done?” Well, let’s just say Mary Poppins had enough emotional capital to make me a believer.

Fluorescent lights engage

August 18, 2009
cmwoodley via flickr

cmwoodley via flickr

This new endeavor takes me the route of the old one, until it jerks left and into unfamiliar territory.  With last year’s favorite album in my ears, farms blow by in threes– and the path is different just where my favorite part ends.