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Fluorescent lights engage

August 18, 2009
cmwoodley via flickr

cmwoodley via flickr

This new endeavor takes me the route of the old one, until it jerks left and into unfamiliar territory.  With last year’s favorite album in my ears, farms blow by in threes– and the path is different just where my favorite part ends.


Breaking news!

July 20, 2009
The Lady Pilot (photo from Flynn Theater, Burlington VT)

The Lady Pilot (photo from Flynn Theater, Burlington VT)

I just bought tickets to Neko Case in Burlington on 8/5! Hoping hoping hoping my future sister-in-law is available for the event! I don’t usually punctuate all my sentences with !!!!!!!!!, but this deserves the honor.

If you want to feel old

May 4, 2009

… take a look at this picture of Dinosaur Jr.  over at we all want someone to shout for.

I will continue shouting for J. Mascis, Lou Barlow & Murph for as long as they keep putting out music. But damn, did I feel it when I saw that picture. They were kicking around UMass Amherst before I was kicking anything but the inside of my mother. And that is awesome.

Starred 4.17.09

April 17, 2009


Been kind of quiet around here this week. I had a job interview yesterday and as such skipped TiLT due to extenuating nervous circumstances, so I’ll compensate here a bit. I know all four of my loyal readers were disappointed with no TiLT this week! Tomorrow, I’m leaving Massachusetts for the weekend to head to NJ & NYC, where I’ll be staying with a friend from college and then seeing The Daily Show taped on Monday! So, so excited. I mean, aside from the driving four hours alone part, but to combat loneliness and boredom I cleaned off my iPod & added tons of new stuff to listen to (Cinemasophia‘s new album, Neko Case‘s new album, Au Revoir Simone, some others) & charged up the voice recorder, so I can try and write. Definitely going to bring along my trusty laptop, digicam & cable connector and keep record of the debauchery. Must remember to get batteries.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Get lots of sunshine & eat lots of fruit!

No plans tomorrow? (1/7/09)

January 6, 2009

Then head to the Forbes Library in Northampton to see not one, not two, but three local poets, all at the same event. The info is below, copied from my work email:

The Sixth Annual Poetry Series at Forbes Library Presents Three Local Poets: Eddie Bartok-Baratta, Michael Arraj, & Anna Bayles Arthur.

Forbes Library, Coolidge Museum
Wednesday, January 7, 7:00 p.m.
Free & Open to the Public

Eddie will emcee this event and introduce Michael Arraj and Anna Bayles Arthur, as well as recite his own poems and play wild & dynamic original flute compositions.

A former postal worker and letter carrier Michael Arraj walks house-to-house visiting the daily soul of each of us, philosophically exploring what concerns, or should concern everyone. A philosopher, a large heart, and a public servant through language.

Northampton artist Anna Bayles Arthur has had shows most recently at Cotuit Center for the Arts in Cape Cod, Kasini House Gallery in Burlington, VT, Gallery 204 in Northampton, and Forbes Library’s own Hosmer Gallery. Eddie Bartók-Baratta calls her painting and drawing poignant, powerful, and soulful. Adjectives equally true of Ms. Bayles Arthur’s poetry. This event is her debut as a poet.

I wish I could attend this reading, but alas I have a crafting date tomorrow, which will be just as fun & inspiring. Pictures forthcoming! If someone goes, let me know how it went!