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Steph Stevens Photo = Love.

August 14, 2009

As you know, A & I have been serious about not using corporations for any aspect of our upcoming wedding– being student business alumni, we feel strongly that the economy must support small and local businesses… And precedent/experience shows that the smaller companies often provide better quality service than the larger ones. Case in point: David’s Bridal. I’ve never met anyone who was satisfied with her experience, save one girl who magically needed no alterations to the gown she purchased there. I bought my dress at New York Lace, a Taunton mainstay with a 100 year reputation and a selection rivaling Priscilla of Boston’s— and couldn’t be happier.

 c 2009 Stephanie Stevens

c 2009 Stephanie Stevens

The same goes for photography. While photography firms certainly have their benefits, the most special thing about our wedding experience thus far has been the personal touch of having a friend take pictures for us. Steph Steven’s is a Pioneer Valley-to-Boston transplant with a background in corporate photography, but she figured out fairly quickly that while gigs with one-day turnarounds have their merits, what she loves is the personal aspects of her job.

c 2009 Stephanie Stevens

c 2009 Stephanie Stevens

And, since she’s a veritable natural spring of energy, she started Steph Stevens Photography, her very own business. You know I admire that kind of ambition in a girl, so it was almost never a question of who we’d hire. Steph is a close friend of my dear love Cait, and when we saw her website and blog, Adam & I agreed her style was perfect for the big day.

c 2009 Stephanie Stevens

c 2009 Stephanie Stevens

Go and visit her blog for more photos from our wonderful engagement gala, including some from the photobooth!


Calendar updates, now with more Andy Warhol

July 23, 2009
ana via flickr

ana via flickr

The calendar has been updated to reflect some neat stuff going on around here. I personally am looking forward to Poetry on the Green, which is next week in Westfield. I’ve been looking for an excuse to go see Lori Desrochiers read, and this time it’s outdoors! Perfect.

Your rails could always outrun mine

June 10, 2009
perfect day
perfect day

Summer is coming, and it’s coming with lists and lists of things I need to get accomplished. However busy and ambitious loom the dog-days, the first moments of freedom are meant to be savored from a comfy chair, with a big, blank Moleskine, a fabulous ink pen, and strings of lights for when evening seeps into day. Don’t forget sunscreen…

This Week in the Valley

April 6, 2009

This week in the Valley is a non-comprehensive list of some fun, free stuff going on in the Pioneer Valley this week.

Today started off sunny, but the cloud-cover has rolled onto the Valley & it feels like rain. Oh, well, you know what they say about April showers. This week there are some really ridiculously cool-sounding museum shows– I’m definitely checking out Andy Warhol at MHC & I hope to check out another some evening as well. You can click the calendar feed at right to add events to your google calendar.

@Mount Holyoke:
Focus on Andy Warhol
This focus exhibition, on view in the Futter Gallery, includes newly-acquired photographs, a painting, and a print by the iconic Pop artist Andy Warhol. Mount Holyoke College Art Museum (Lower Lake Road, South Hadley, MA). Admission is free, but it’s polite to donate a dollar or two. (All week)

Second Fridays at Skinner Art Museum. Admission is free 4-8pm. The artist feature isn’t listed on the SMith calendar this week, but I’ve never been disappointed. Come! (4/10/09)


“Consumed” Art Gallery
This week until 4/12 – 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Petula Bloomfield explores the relationship between physical and emotional identity. Sarah Bliss’s work showcases the commodity of the art object and the relationship between commercial and cultural production.(Wunderarts, 383 Main Street, Amherst, MA 01002)

@UMass Amherst:
Viewing of The Dark Knight on a 6-foot projection screen!, Thursday, April 9, 2009, 8:00pm – 10:30pm. (Machmer room E-10)

What kind of fun are you getting into this week?

Calendar updated!

April 4, 2009
Puka Inti via Flickr

Puka Inti via Flickr

Hey, friends, go check out the New England Noir calendar to see some new additions! You can also subscribe This Week in the Valley on the right.

As always, if you’re doing something cool around the Valley and want everyone to know, feel free to add your event (google emails me & I approve them) or email me & I’ll add it for you.