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Mismatching chair cushions it is.

June 12, 2009

So, unless you’ve been under a rock since mid-2008, you know that designer Orla Kiely produced a line for Target with her classic awesome awesomeness coupled with Target’s prices. It doesn’t take a genius design guru to know this is a win.  I’ve long coveted her designs, but to be honest I don’t buy many things in that price range.

Fast forward to 10 days ago, when A & I were at Target for a few house supplies (which did not include pretty designer things, just so you can see how persuasive I can be when I want to). Anyway, I knew from the internets that Orla Kiely’s stuff had sold out obscenely fast, and never considered that I might happen upon something of hers still in stores– the line has been sold out for months. But I found two of the pear patterned seat cushions, and knowing they fit both my retro table colorscheme (olive green & robin’s egg blue, to match my grandma Mary’s vintage tablecloth) and my budget, I grabbed the two thinking I could snag a match online for around the same price– boy, was I wrong.

On ebay right now, there are several auctions or options in online stores, and they vary in price pretty significantly. In general, four cushions like this one:

via oood housekeeping

via good housekeeping

Are over $100. I guess my problem isn’t marking a lot of 4 up by $40, though that is steep. It’s that the sellers are gouging on shipping– I know that sending a 4lb box, regardless of size, does not cost $25-40 domestic. I can’t add ebay things to my wedding registry is what I’m saying.  :)

By the way, the Target in Hadley, MA still has some of the melamine plates & serving dishes– just no seat cushions. Happy weekend!


Book collection — Amherst League of Women Voters

April 3, 2009

Well I don’t know about everyone else, but the amount of books that I accumulate every year is obscene. I covet books. I love the smell, the feeling of the pages, the satisfaction of being able to pull out any favorite passage at any time. But, again. Obscene. Luckily I came across this little tidbit on the Amherst Chamber of Commerce site:

Book Collection for Amherst League of Women Voters
Ongoing until April 24, 2009

The Amherst League of Women Voters is collecting books at their work site, 479 West St. Unit 8, at the Hadley Stop&Shop, at the UPS Store on University Drive and the Jones, Munson and North Amherst libraries. No musty or mildewed books, please, and no magazines.

The book sale will take place on the Common May 1, 2, and 3.

When I showed it to A, he immediately commented on how timely it was to our planned spring cleaning, and I couldn’t agree more. We’ve got some computer books & some college texts we no longer have use for, but haven’t donated before for lack of a good place to do so. And the LWV is a worthy organization if there ever was one.