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Things I Love Thursday

August 27, 2009

(In case you’re not familiar with the concept of things I love Thursday, please do let me refresh you. TiLT was started by the inimitable (though I am a fangirl, not going to lie) Miss Gala Darling. TiLT is a love-list, a list of things that made you smile, what you’re grateful for, what you need reminding that you’re grateful for.)

Worcester State Hospital, by Kate Broderick Photo

Worcester State Hospital, by Kate Broderick Photo

This week has been much crazier than I am used to– it’s amazing how a summer of wedding planning and running here and there seems like so long ago after only two weeks of lesson plans & decorations. I’m so excited to meet the kids & their families tonight! This week, I love…

My classroom & bulletin board: Oh, my goodness. I don’t think I’ve talked about it yet, I’m sort of afraid of being Dooced if I talk about work online too much, but what. The. Awesome. My classroom is huge, full of light, and air conditioned. Whaaaat? I spent a good chunk of yesterday cleaning/decorating/unwrapping the new desks (!!), and the result was stunning. We were given $125 to a teacher supply store in Westfield, which was slightly disappointing in that most of the stuff was geared toward younger kids. BUT! I got peacock feather bulletin board border, and at the dollar store I got some schizophrenic looking wallpaper to cover it in. The result? Pretty amusing. I guess English teachers have some leeway with wackiness:
bulletin board

Radar the cat: Who isn’t stinky anymore! He usually sleeps either between A and I, or stretched all the way out along my leg, so when he was stinkified I was a sad panda. He’s also been very… ehrm, vocal, since the Incident of Smelliness, and is constantly mewling and moaning and talking to us. Pretty funny.

Meggie!: She had a rough week last week, and I am shouting out because I EFFING LOVE HER and can’t wait till she hitches me & the boy. (Yes, you read correctly, my best friend is marrying us. Thanks, Deval!) BFFs, as the kids say these days.

something monumental via flickr

something monumental via flickr

Lisa’s blog, Craft My Bride: If I were she, I’d throw some (tasteful, artsy) ads on that shiz and start making bank, because this girl has a talent for blogging. I like the craft trials best, but if we’re being honest I’ve had an art crush on her since high school, so I’m biased. Also, she’s awesome & funny, so you should go look.

Honorable mentions this week…: Bueno, again; having a functioning AC in the house; eating yogurt & fruit & wheat germ for lunch every day again– it’s amazing how good I feel eating better, I should just do it all the time; remembering my vitamins; challenges that will make me a better person/teacher; MY JOB, hello; planning evil funness for the wedding; sorting playlists with the violinist (classyyyyy); our gorgeous cupcakes; stretching and moving; setting my intentions (and working it into the curriculum); & love, love, love, all over the place.


Things I Love Thursday

August 20, 2009

H.Y.C. via flickr

H.Y.C. via flickr

Once upon a Saturday, at around midnight, a certain striped cat, whom we shall leave anonymous, was skunked.

You heard me. Skunked.

Things I Love Thursday this week is dedicated to smelly things, because I still love my cat. I wish I’d thought to take pictures of the tomato juice bath process… Then again, I was kind of busy being mauled and stopping said cat from climbing the shower curtain. It was an epic process, replete with drama and terror, fearsome growls and pathetic mewling. Stripe-cat plays the role of the ever-suffering victim to the protagonist’s misadventures quite well.

The New Moon in Leo: Leo is my rising sign (thought I was Virgo rising, turns out it’s just at 26* Leo, so Virgo traits are common), so I’m feeling lucky to have this astrological occurrence so close to both a new job & the wedding.

Honorable mentions: new opportunities; enjoying the ride to work; un-smelly kitties like fluffycat; wonderful fiances; cold cold showers; eating all the lettuce in the house; clipping flowers from the garden; reading my favorite blogs; feeling like I’m in the right place; Bueno; secret care packages; lovematches from the engagement party (!!); new friends & really strange coincidences; old besties & their creative, thoughtful love.

Things I Love Thursday

August 13, 2009

...emily... via flickr

...emily... via flickr

  • Stretching and trying to love moving around. Not being particularly flexible or athletic means that when I put my mind to moving with meaning I feel quite different than normal.  Stretching makes me feel taller, more graceful… Two things I am not. In the past, I’ve used this, maybe today I’ll boot up the XBox and give it a go.
  • Getting things done! As of this week, with four days left until I start my new job, wedding planning is 85% done. What’s left, you ask? Stringing the name banner onto some pretty ribbon, building my cake stands, making the favors, and printing off the program/menu.
  • Being so busy I can’t really use the internet. No, really, sometimes being unplugged for awhile is a good thing.
  • Neko Case! The concert was incredible, getting a speeding ticket aside. Burlington is gorgeous, definitely worth the 3 hour ride. And Neko sounded even better than on her albums– she rocked it, and looked hot while she did it.

meggie n me

  • Hanging out with my Meggie! She’s awesome & thoughtful, and when I have 800 appointments around the home-area for the wedding, she always makes herself available to come along & be supportive. I had a wedding dress fitting yesterday, the last thing I have to run around for in a while, and she met me there with hugs & jokes, which was great for taking my mind off the fact that I was sweating. Attractive! Then we got dinner at El Mariachi on the Taunton Green, and it was delicious. We decided next time, we’re going to watch Interview With the Vampire, because she hasn’t seen it. (What?!)
  • Getting called out on my non-bloggingness. Alicia told me recently that my blog was “sorely outdated”, and she is right. Sorry, Leesh. I am rectifying the situation as we speak.
  • The Furminator. Seriously, if you have animals, buy one. But if you can, definitely use it outside! The video in the link is NOT an exaggeration. I could have filled a pillow with all the fur that came off Radar! I’m hoping this save’s Adam’s allergies some.
  • Poetry workshop with Amanda. She’s taking the workshop in Boston with Lucie Brock-Broido, and has become incredibly intuitive with her edits. I’ve got a few things in the works at the moment, perhaps I will share some of them when I hear more from the other end of things. Amanda, thank you for all that help, it was innnnnvaluable.
  • Seeing the girls I used to nanny for. It was soul food, I love them.

See also: The Most Serene Republic; tomato-lime soup from the Moosewood Cookbook; cheddar cheese and brie; dirty chai; the koi pond around the corner; Radar following me on a walk; home organization; repotting plants; hoping for homegrown tomatoes; learning new recipes; FINDING MY CAMERA; wedding shoes; a blooming rose plant; productivity; making some jewelry, finally; reading; The Kennedy family mystique; the feeling that somewhere, someone can see things coming together; New Moon in Leo, for confidence & being articulate; 11:11.

Things I Love Thursday

July 23, 2009

via design*sponge

via design*sponge

Hardcover books with that library smell

worn in and taped up and beaten to hell,

the sunshine, the dew-grass

the stolen airplane blanket;

the sun keeping my coffee

warm while I drank it;

this black sharpie pen,

this huge unlined tome,

the backyard in summer

at my very own home.

It’s Thursday, I hope you take nothing at all seriously and play in the sunshine all day long!

Computer Issues — no TiLT :(

June 25, 2009

Hey, so… Ophelia is dying, methinks. Really, she’s Ophelia 2.0, but nonetheless. It won’t boot up Vista without freezing, then freezing during startup repair, then freezing at various points 2-3 more times. It’s a crapshoot, but when I can get Windows going it works just fine.It’s been doing this for a few weeks now with no small repairs working…

So I am reformatting today, using the recovery drive & hoping for the best. I was going to do this yesterday, which would have been better, but I didn’t and so now I will have to do it whilst also going to Framingham with Christine and writing my promised daily 5000 words. 5000 words is a lot. I’m up to 1169.

Leave good computer karma, I need it! :)